Monday, March 31, 2008

H8TR100 Registration has ended

Hate the H8TR not the updater....
Yes, it's true. Much to our regret we are capping the population of H8TRville at 75 people. There are a couple of reason for this: firstly just the shear logistics of getting 75 riders through downtown Madison and having them on a trail that in places is sketchy at best, had the kittens wondering around the factory dazed. When we started this venture up a few weeks ago we figured there'd be 25-35 peeps tops interested in an early spring suffer fest, little did we realize how much people do like to suffer! Ya crazy bastids!! Hell last year when 16 riders took part I felt bad because I had only bought a PBR 30 pack! Anyway this took off like sparks from a campfire during the dry season and now we're sitting with 75. We apologise for the lack of warning, when we set the April 5th deadline for sign up we were thinking things were tailing off. Nope, not even close. Over the weekend another eight or ten riders signed up and the thought of maybe 100 plus was overwhelming.

And this brings us to the second reason: the trail itself. The H8TR Trail/Badger State Trail is in pretty wet sloppy shape right now and the thought of even 50 people riding it at once causes much concern about trail degradation. It sounds like more rain is in the forecast and the snow that hasn't melted (and there's a lot) is on it's way. So again limiting the number of wheels seems sensible. In fact what we plan on doing is that after park permits, beer and operating expenses are taken care of, any moneys left over will be donated to The Badger State Trail. We'd also like to give 'em a little more to sort of say "thank you" so if you want to throw a couple bucks extra in with yer $5 entry that be much appreciated.

Next bit of business: if for some reason you decide the H8TR100 just isn't your cup of mud and gravel, please let us know and then we'll start filling in places with anyone who might want to still sign up, waiting list style. In other words if you still want to send in your name please do and we'll see if any spots open up and then let you know 3 days before the race. How's that sound? Reasonable? I hope so.

Again we're sorry we can't get you all in. but this race was supposed to be pretty off the cuff and it's become much more. Drop us a line with any questions, concerns, recipes or regrets.

thank you all for your interest,
the kittens

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

24MOTAB this Sunday!!!!

Boy, with all this H8TR talk going on, it's easy to forget the main focus of this site and that dear friends would be 24MOTAB! And this Sunday like every last Sunday of the month (mostly) is 24MOTAB day! 8:00, the abandoned building. I have no idea what the weather is going to be like- rain, snow, sleet, bright sunshine, all at once? well why the hell not?!!?
As an historical footnote, it was 4 years ago last week on an Easter Sunday that 24MOTAB was resurrected from a long dormancy. There were a few months of uncertainty after that before it became the regular event it is now, but Easter was the day. See y'all Sunday!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Welcome to H8TRville

Just a quick update to y'all before a bigger update with more info etc.
First off- to be able to better facilitate, organize and empower all you H8TRs out there, Saturday April 5th will be the cut off date for H8TR100 registration. There are a few things we need to have exact numbers on and the time to get them ready so one week before we're ending registration. So any footdraggers you know that are thinking about racing or if you yourself are questioning your sanity, time's a wastin'. There will be no day of race registrations.
Second- we're starting to get some really first rate people and bizznesses stepping up to donate schwag. Once we get those nailed down, you'll be at least the second or third to know! Hooray, this year it won't be just my crappy home made trophies and whatever junk I can find in the basement of MacLabs!
email me with any questions or concerns.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Unholy Alliance

Yes indeed! Twin Six, bike clothing makers to the stars and the BKB have ponyed up what is guarenteed to be some fantasic schwag for the H8TR100. Damn son, this is starting to look more and more like a legit race! Don't worry it'll still be the half-assed, marginally organized race you've come to expect from the Kitten Factory just better prizes.
As you can see below, the roster is getting bigger by the day and tonight the kittens will be hunkered down in the bunker with maps and compasses plotting out the course. Stay tuned fer details!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

L-U-V the H8TR!!!!

Jesse brings the love to the H8TR with the official H8TR100 flyer. plus this way happenin' kittenfactory logo! YEAH!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

H8TR Roster

A roster of H8TRs to be added to as they come along:
Lylez- Cognition kingpin
Sketchy D- tiny bike champ record holder
Endurosnob (tentative)- master of the long haul race
djonnymac- what, not ride my own race???
P-lip- the first M-B-M vet to re-up - volunteer
Nils- another M-B-M vet and dumpster bike connoisseur
Zack- ZR Cycles honcho and not afraid to pee in a cup...or elsewhere
D*pow- the rocket of snot with the spin to win- volunteer
Cale- TI vet and keeper of Bush's crankset. beware!
Jonny- Jonnycycles mastermind, mainframe resident
J*Pow- our 1st womens entry! YES!!! it's no longer a brodeo!
Kelly- the brains behind Cognition (sorry Lylez) volunteer
Robin- bass thumpin, picture takin and cx racin'!- volunteer
Katy- another MKE entrant and third in the ever growing womens field
Andy T.- Cale knows him, Lyle knows him, soon we'll all know him
Colin- LOL Master, burrito lover - volunteer
Andrew- like a taxi driver from HELL!!!-volunteer

Ronko- another M-B-M vet joins up
Frank- says yes to the H8TR again despite its redundant T

Chris T.- yet another M-B-M vet who said "hell yeah! I want to suffer more!"
Erik O.- repeat M-B-M offender opts for 2nd strike in the 3 and out policy
Jeff K.- another cross racer bringin' the hurt!
Ben V.- Team Pegasus is starting to represent big time!
Constantine - fixedgeargus might not be fixed
Aristotle - bigger than you
Fang!!!- yeah we got another BKB boy all up in this biz-natch!!
Scott S. (tentative)- BKB thru and thru and tentative as a flying hammer!

Shari P.- 1st of a possible sister/sister combo
Eric B.- Nebraska sends its 2nd rider and BKB rep. NE represent!
Russell J.- his toolshed may be rusty but the man is SHARP!
Ryan S (tentative).- WORS warrior and BKB vet
Kerry D- Kerry will be taking kickstands like scalps.
Christian B.- WORS vet and Mothership resident
Ben F.- a disco pirate AND he can walk on water! YarrRR!
Andrea W.- another disco pirate from the 24-9 camp! double Yarrrr!!
Sebastian C.-he's a friend of Christian- what's with the ian names???
Gunnar R.- another Pegasus rider- can winged horses really fly?
Jake M.- more pegasus horseys for the stable!

Matt B.- Matt feels the need to suffer. welcome to H8TRville Matt
Ben B.- Ben folds to peer pressure and joins the ranks!
Rick W.- Rick wants a table by the kitchen he gets a chair by the mens room
Scott C.- a WORS/CX vet for who suffering can never start early enough
Mark C.- Mark C. joins Scott C. for the brother/brother Cole-train express!
Nate W.- NE sends another Evil Unicorn to the H8TR!
Michael M.- Welcome to H8TRville Michael.
War Axe Sam- damn! another bike builder, another NE resident!
good thing we've got Iowa inbetween NE and WI!
Tim B.- he breaks stuff a lot.

Seth H.- Seth has $5 just burning a hole in his pockets and wants to ride!
Chris Z.Chris fears no weather
Cheryl B.- ready for the challenge!
Ahren R.- Banjo Cycles chief and Mainframe resident #3!
Leah- She's been toChile and Argentina, you think the H8TR worries her? not likely!
Joel H.- Joel joins Sth as the third brother/brother combo for the H8TR!
Angie T.- Angie brings the H8T and lack of sanity up from Millywaukeee
Richard S.- Richard has anger issues with winter. we can help.
Jennifer- Jennifer jumps on the H8T train!
Patti- Patti buys a ticket for the H8TR Express too!
Sam K.- Sam enjoys pain. Sam this isn't that kind of site...or is it?....
Ruckus!- D-Rock, D-Train, Sparkles, even Derek. the man they call Ruckus has many names.
Cory- The M-B-M title defender gets back in the ring! Beware!!!
Justin- Justin thinks there no better way to waste an afternoon
Meghan- ThunderJet and MOTAB vet wants to expand her horizons
Aaron M.- CX titan and Fisherman bows to peer pressure
Don E.- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andy H.- fearing for his life, Andy risks his life on the H8TR Trail. Ronko says so!
Neil S. - Neil says he's in! I say bring small bills please!!!
Scot V.- Scot says H8T on!
Todd B.- It took some looking, some wandering but Todd finally found us
Alan S.- yup, he's here too.
Maciej N.- Yow! Team Polska brings it!
Marcin N.- And then Polska brings it even more!!
Joseph H.- Joseph makes it in under the wire!

Tim M.- Johnny Cash
Gretchen T.- June Carter Cash
Mark B- Mark waits patiently, Mark gets in!
Jamie P.- one more Pegasus pony for the stable!
Luke BC- LBC! LBC! LBC! that's what they chant
Wayne S.- Wausau sends another from 9 Mile country
Ron K- bribery is such an ugly word....

H8TR100:Rules of Engagement....

more or less and subject to change.....

When: Saturday April 12th

Time: 10:00am- rain, snow or shine, it's on!

What: 100k metric century (62 miles) round trip bike race paying homage the European spring classics.

Where: Leaving from a Madison city park (as yet to be determined and kept secret till a couple days before race time) and heading out the Badger State Trail a.k.a. the H8TR Trail.

Terrain: a mix of city streets alley cat style, highway crossings, unfinished/abandoned railroad bed and finished crushed gravel bike trail, train tunnel (a headlight is highly recommended)

Bikes: open catagory, pick yer poison- single speed, fixie, cross, road, mountain, tiny bike- as long it's pedaled under yer own power it's good.

Men's and Women's- 1st and 2nd place trophies plus induction into the Basco H8TRs. Other awards when they come along. Maybe we'll get some sponsors or prize donations. maybe.

Entry: $5 ( I dunno, we'll buy some beer or something)

Register ahead of time .at so we can get some sort of head count and so we can give you the location of the park start/finish. plus whatever questions you have.

The H8TR100 is a nonsanctioned, totally amateur (us, not you necessarily) event that could seriously threaten life and limb so we take no responsibility for injury or mayhem. Mayhem is cool!

Monday, March 10, 2008

M-B-M: H8TR100

It's on.
details soon.

PIX from ThunderLeap!

some from the kittens

and some amazing ones from Robin