Monday, October 27, 2008

24GHOSTAB A small attendance by most of the regulars on chilly(it ain't cold yet! not by a long shot) Sunday night. D*Pow, Colin , Robin, Nils, Jeff, Jeff's brother, Zack, Lyle and the Kitten Master braved the cooler weather and some exhaustion after a long day racing cross to observe the 4th anniversary of continuous 24MOTABs. Leisurely was the pace with a ceremonial group lap around the building plus the usual bike swapping. Colin snaked a win away from the Kitten Master in a close finish and Jeff brought up the rear as DFL.

4 years? Who'da thunk riding around an abandoned building could be so entertaining? 4 years of races, fireworks, cook outs, drunken mayhem, visits from the police, broken bikes, broken bones, bike piles, trophies, themes, snow, rain, mosquitoes, rotting mulch, threats of renovation, grumpy landowners, confused dogwalkers- what's next? Stick around for another year and find out!

Monday, October 20, 2008

24GHOST-TAB this Sunday!

wear a costume, ride a bike drink some beer and celebrate the best holiday of the year AND the 4th anniversary of continuous uninterrupted 24MOTABS!
Sunday (bloody!) Sunday
Rock-tober 26th

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Heavy Metal Heavy Medal

For something as awesome as 24 Minutes Of Motorhead you need a trophy that's just as awesome.
We try not to disappoint.
This Sunday, 8:00, the abandoned building

The Ace of Spades, The Ace of Spades, The Ace of Spades