Thursday, March 29, 2007

M-B-M Spring Classic

Rules of engagement coming soon.

Monday, March 26, 2007


DAMN! What a difference a month makes! Last month, a foot of snow and four laps completed total. This month, shorts, shirtsleeves and so many laps done we thought the clock was broken. The great wall of mulch bags has returned and that can only be a sure sign of long term warmer weather. The wondrous stank of rotting mulch will be following shortly. An outhouse also made a mysterious appearance. hmmm... To the race! P-lip after a lengthy 2 month absence makes up for it by taking the win. Proving that nice guys always finish second (again and again and again...) last month's 2nd Place Sucka (me) was bride's maid again. Meanwhile Chris proved that showing up late has its drawbacks by taking DFL honours without having time to finish one complete lap! And Stefan Downing continued his astounding and now surely insurmountable streak as Perpetual No Show. Patrick constructed this month's sketchy ramp out of scrap lumber and mulch bags. Thanks to Phil, Holle and Lyle for additional photos!
Coming up soon:
To Hell In A Bike Basket Alley Cat 4/07/07 Madison
The Madison-Basco-Madison Spring Classic 4/14/07

More 24ROBOTAB Pix!

Saturday, March 24, 2007


One angry lookin' robot is up for grabs at 24MOTAB Sunday night (catnip doped cat not included). Plus an exciting new DFL jersey ! So no one is a loser! 8:00, the abandoned building, Sunday.
disclaimer: 24MOTAB notes that no one is a loser unless of course you finish anywhere between 2nd and next to last, in which case your pedestrian anonymity is secured.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Goodbye Winter- Hello 24MOTAB!

At this point in the year the weather could go either way, but I'm ready to get rid of the winter hat and gloves for a while. So drop on by the abandoned building Sunday night at 8:00 for the first daylight 24MOTAB of the season (yeah I know I've just damned us to a foot of snow and eternal darkness). Just remember, the weather's always perfect at 24MOTAB!

Monday, March 19, 2007

O'Malley Cat Alley Cat Pix

What more could you ask for? A perfect day, a St. Patrick's Day parade start, 43 riders, a fast course and a great party at Revolution after the race. Thanks to Dactyl and David and all involved! Results and probably more pictures before long at
Oh yeah, 24MOTAB this SUNDAY!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

O'Malley Cat March 17th

A reminder from field commander Dactyl:
Hey All, Just a reminder that the O'Malley Cat Bicycle Challenge is this SATURDAY! St Patrick's Day should be one to remember! Bring out your green.Wipe that wintery crud off your bike! Grab your bag. Meet us at the capitalsquare and state street March 17!
Registration is at noon,
Parade start is at 1:30, complete with a golden pace bike from mutant time trials.
Race will have a time limit of two hours, with an afterparty around 4:15.
For more information, please go to

Monday, March 12, 2007


Oh DAMN!!! The MuTT was a total succuess with several peeps stepping up to the task of designing, building and piloting bikes. trikes, quints and WTFs. A near perfect early Spring night brought out eight mutant designs and a bunch of crazy mofos to ride them! Phil brought two entries- one a rear suspension road/mtn/700c/650c hybrid and a quinticycle (a tricycle with training wheels) which won him a 12 pack of Blatz ($4.99) and "Bike Most Likely To Cause Physical Harm To Its Rider" recognition ( it forcebly ejecteded or broke on three different riders- see the photo of Andrew running across the finish line). Zack and Patrick shared the honours for "Most Ingenius/Original Design" with Zack's mid frame articulating swing frame and Patrick's.... hmmm... errr....front wheel drive chopper..errr...LOOK AT THE PICTURES!!! Team Radar Kitten and Safety Lamb brought a tandem. But not just any tandem. No this was a tandem pieced together from 4, maybe 5 bikes with a front linkage that defied the laws of physics and probably most bike laws as well. Brilliant. The Kitten Master brought the Anger jr trike (cutest entry and probably the one that put most people on the ground) and TAR the 24/16 adult trike two wheeler. But it was Danimal's TT specific areobar/fork mutant that got the winning time and the MuTT trophy (crashing spectacularly not once but twice in the only single person double elimination of the night). Those who didn't bring bikes drew lots and raced on the number they had chosen randomly with amazingly random results. Occassionally a "real" bike rider would come down the bike path, but oddly enough wouldn't stop. The ice fishers kept a wary distance. After the race it was on to the Corral Room for a good bye shindig for Lord Hayden. To all who participated, well done!.