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Monday, July 24, 2006


Where to start with this one?! As the Tour de France drama ended Sunday in Paris, the 24MOTAB drama/competition was about to begin under a sunny, pleasant evening Madison sky. Controversy erupted almost immediately as the entire record field of 25 contestants were either disqualified or suspended under the suspicion of blood doping. Even the race organisers were dq'd!
But in keeping with the true TdF spirit the ride continued with a bike pile that had no rivals in height or structural instability. Even as the riders were being supplied with their own cup of $5.99 a gallon EPO for a LeMans chug start, a butterfly flapped its wings and the bike tumbled avalanche style to the ground leading to one of the more spectacular bike unpilings in recent memory. Two laps in and some people were still in the pits with mechanicals. Finally all were off and riding and just like in the "real" Tour, the lead changed hands several times (lead? what lead?) and amazing reversals took place. The EPO jug made the rounds carried by various domestiques. Jeff from Revolution built a mountain stage that bridged the entire width of the track like the Alps bridge France and Uganda!!! Dactyl proved (until later) that it would take more than a flat to keep her down by doing a lap on foot with a bike wheel in one hand and the EPO jug in the other! Dan Powell like Floyd Landis and a bad hip, overcame an infected swollen leg courtesy of the previous week's slosh through Wingra Creek during ThunderCross, to take the first place trophy! J9son, fresh from the previous evening's win at the Revolution Pedro's to Laredo's Crit, got to be 2nd place Jan Ullrich Sucka (didn't we say anything about wearing the shorts and the jersey? oh, sorry...). Dan Meyer amid chaos and after several MOTABs out of the podium spotlight came back as DFL. Dactyl wins the non existant till now medal of valor for 1) thinking to cross the finish line at the end avoiding both a DNF and worse (sorry Dan) DFL, and 2) for having her foot squashed by a heavy cement curb barrier shortly thereafter. Thanks to a quick acting crack support team, the cement was lifted, the foot was elevated, ice was brought and Dactyl was airlifted out smiling! Way to go support team! Nothing broken and on the mend we're told.
This was also the last 24MOTAB for Josh and Joslyn and for Jessica F. as they leave for unsuspecting lands. We expect 24MOTABs to be springing up in Montana and Japan like viruses by the way.
So that's it for this month kittens. Next month? Oh yes...wait till next month... And EPO jug was empty by the end of the night. photos to follow soon.

Monday, July 17, 2006

You want ACTION?!?!

This week has so much bike action stuffed into it they almost had to add another day! But instead it's all packed into four days of bike events guaranteed to test your nerve and ruin your liver.
FIRST!- Wednesday! It's the first running of the Tour de Franzia! Co-ed teams of 4 and 5 litre boxes of cheap wine!Mountain Blush!Fruity Red Sangria! Refreshing White! Go to the Madison Bicycle Club on myspace for details and sign-up by 5:30 pm Tuesday!
SECOND!- Revolution Cycles hijacks Thursday night for a Thirsty Thursday ride which ends up at Aeoleus Island. Contact Revo for where and when exactly.
NUMBER THREE= On Saturday, Revo's at it again with an eastside to westside crit starting at the eastside Pedro's and ending at the westside Laredo's.
FINALLY!- Sunday! It's the grand daddy of them all! Or maybe just the weird uncle. Yes it's time for another 24MOTAB! A week early to celebrate with the end of the Tour de France and salute the riders who failed the drug test! Basso! Ullrich! Hamilton! Heras! Count yourself among the elite! 8:00, behind Olbrich Gardens at the seed warehouse. Do it for France!
disclaimer: kittenfactory will not be held responsible for incorrect, overheard or bad information, outright fabrication, poor spelling or fleas. contact the naughty little kittens with corrections. UCI unapproved.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

ThunderCross Be Thy Name!

Cramming more action and thrills into a 2/10ths of a mile rollercoaster than Disney World or Six Flags could ever hope to in an entire theme park, Lord Hayden and DP delivered an epic, near legendary addition to the ThunderJet series...THUNDERCROSS! Pictures tell most of the story but these words must be added as well: the return of the skull bong!, a cyclocross course that included, a monster stairclimb, a 40 yard railroad bed sprint, a near vertical downhill, a trip through the woods and past an uninhabited homeless encampment, a knee deep crossing of sluggish Wingra Creek and a bike path sprint through the tunnel to the finish. Eric O. and Zack both turned in impressive minute fifteen rides, but Eric pulled out all the stops in a blazing minute ten tie breaker. In between there was blood, speedos, tiny bikes and beer! BOLD!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

24DOPEMOTAB!!! Sunday July 23rd

Riders.....start your doping!!! In a salute to this year's Tour de France blood doping scandal, 24MOTAB is being moved up a week to coincide with the big Paris finish on the Champs Elysees! Okay, actually a bunch of us will be gone the following Sunday. Nevertheless! UCI officials have been consulted (and bribed!), plans have been hatched, strategies formed and of course blood doped! As you can see, the kittens have started early. Bad little kittens. Don't be left in the pack! There may not be a mountain stage (...yet), but we'll come up with something to make the competition interesting. And French! We fully expect half the field to be disqualified before the start of the race and you don't need a fancy doctor to have that happen! So, one week earlier Sunday July 23rd, 8:00, the usual place. Tete de Course? Mon dui !!! We're going Outre du Dos all the way!!!
And be sure to check out the Madison Bicycle Club site on myspace for more Tour inspired mayhem. Sounds like they have an insane event in the works!...drink outside the box....drink outside the box....

Thursday, July 06, 2006


After a long holiday weekend the slightly hungover kittens were rested and ready for action. Pacing around the factory floor, they plaintively looked at me as if to say "well come on, let's go!". HA! Fear not kittens! From the mighty Valhalla-like fortress of PlanetHayden comes the next installment of the ThunderJet series...THUNDERCROSS!!! July 15th! 6:30 Quann Park! Be there and make Bosephus proud!