Thursday, August 30, 2007

TRON- This Saturday

Days of Fear- Weekends of THUNDER!!!!

Sometimes words just can't describe it all. I've tried for days to put this last weekend into some sort of coherent perspective, but so far aside from giggling like a school girl it ain't happened. So go here and here for QuarryJet pix

then go here and here and here for ThunderTAB mayhem
Big thanks to Lyle, Newlow and Jess for the pix
more verbage soon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

another ThunderTAB pony in the stable

P-Lip has thrown his tiny bike into the mix with this thoroughbred of questionable parentage. P says this: Making it's first Thunder appearance, the 2007 TrekFloat has been waiting almost a year for this day. It's prestigious lineage of Lance Armstrong-era trickle-down technology and a rear wheel that assisted in the near deaths of at least 4 people at the MuntantBike Time Trial, this bike is the only bike in the peloton with a known lifetime warranty.
and who's lifetime would that be Philip?

Monday, August 20, 2007


Ladies and gentlemen I direct your attention to the racing paddock for a partial introduction of 24ThunderTAB contestants:

First up is the original, the one that started it all. The tiny bike with a garage sale pedigree beyond reproach...the one, the only ThunderJet!!! Back from a lengthy rest after being tossed from a bridge at last summer's ThunderCross, ThunderJet is ready to take on all comers at both QuarryJet and ThunderTAB!

Making its first public appearence at ThunderPersuit, it wasn't until ThunderSlalom that Lip Gloss made its racing debut. Don't let that lipstick embossed saddle fool you, this dual suspension speedster means business!
Also making its racing debut at ThunderSlalom, Vertical Threat was exactly that, taking the downhill pylons as easily as most city buses take Formula 1 courses! Brakes? Who needs 'em?!!?
Turn 'n Burn, the master of Thunder On Ice. A skillful blend of BMX fury, anodized art and precision quality at a wine in a box price! Don't get in the T 'n B's way cuz there's no stopping it! No, really, there's no stopping it....
Finally, a new comer freshly rescued from the St. Vinnie's basement bike sale. For now it's known as the Rocket but who knows what tranformation will take place in between now and Sunday. Only the flood waters in the Kitten Factory basement will know ...
As we said, this is only a partial list as P-lip, D*Pow and Zack all harbor possible entrants. And then there's the tiny bike which Revolution Jeff only refers to as "The Pain Killer".
Teams for ThunderTAB will be chosen at random before the race, a beer will be slammed before each lap by the rider of that lap and whatever team crosses the line at the end of 24 minutes wins. So essentially business as usual.

Friday, August 17, 2007

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Monday, August 13, 2007


where? well duh, the quarry.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Distant Thunder.....

Not this one....
Not this one either
Here we go
No flyer yet, but come Friday August 24th, Lord Hayden shall return to the inland shores of southern Wisco and he's bringing the tiny bikes with him. After way too many months the ThunderJet series returns with a doubleheader of tiny bike fury! On Friday night it's ThunderJet:Pitfall! And I quote from Lord H. :
what has......
tiny bikes
lots of beer
scorpions (hopefully)
logs rolling atcha
rope swings
sand and mud pits
an awesome 16-bit soundtrack
that's right! It's ThunderJet:Pitfall an homage to one of the finest Atari games ever.

Personally, the kittens are terrified!
But that's not all!
On Sunday the 26th comes more tiny bike mayhem! YES! It's the unholy alliance they said could never happen! ThunderJet and 24MOTAB combine forces for...24ThunderTAB!!! In this non title event teams on 16" wheels of fury will slug it out relay style. We should have somewhere around five "operational" tiny bikes, but if you feel like bringing your own.....
More details on both events will follow as we make them up.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Get ready suckas! This is gonna be BIG!!!
more info will be coming, more sponsors, more prizes. the entry fee I've been told will be closer to ten bucks possibly so take note.