Monday, December 29, 2008

Breathe The Sweet Air Of Victory!

Colin takes a record third 24MOTAB victory in one year! Aw hell we gave him DFL too since he did another lap after he crossed the finish line. And here's what he won.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Last 24MOTAB of the year! EVER!!!

The holiday season. Holy crap, is this a great time of year or what?!!? Christmas/Hanukkah good cheer and New Year's tomfoolery and to make it even better you get the last 24MOTAB of the year bookended smack dab in the middle of it!!! That's right, this Sunday, 8:00 at the abandoned building we'll be doin' what we usually do on the last Sunday of the month- riding and drinking, plus remembering the past year (if we actually can...) and looking forward to the '09 season of bike related mayhem. So if yer feeling like detoxing between the holidays is just too much to ask, keep that buzz going this SUNDAY!!!
plus the best 24MOTAB trophy ever......


Monday, December 01, 2008


Sunday's 24MOTAB was one for the books and definitely fell in the category of Best MOTABs Ever. I mean three Santas, snow, freeflowing beer, spray paint graffiti courtesy of Surly Santa, presents from Snot Rocket Santa and christmas tree-like bike pile, what wasn't there to like?

But it wasn't all laughs as Sunday night we bid so long to D*Pow and J*Pow as they did their last 24MOTAB before heading off for Portland OR or Bethesda MD or Butte MT or where ever the hell it is they're moving to. Dan has been a mainstay in the Madison bike community, an instigator of bike mayhem like the ThunderJet series and the last of the original pre-kittenfactory 24MOTAB riders. Jen has always been up for anything and has thrown herself into cross and mountain bike races without a second thought. They've opened their home to traveling racers and drooling drunks alike. And they have two nice dogs.

AMAZINGLY D*Pow won and J*Pow took second place and they were both awarded for their efforts. D*Pow awarded us with presents that included several classic rock cds and albums carefully procured from somebody's curbside treasure trove, an aerospoke wheel (rear 26" so don't get too excited there you fixie hipsters), a classic VHS Paris Roubaix selection and all sorts of other things from the North (st.) Pole. Thank you Dan and Jen for everything you've contributed (except for that effing Van Hagar cd you stuck in my stocking.....
more pix here