Wednesday, March 12, 2008

H8TR Roster

A roster of H8TRs to be added to as they come along:
Lylez- Cognition kingpin
Sketchy D- tiny bike champ record holder
Endurosnob (tentative)- master of the long haul race
djonnymac- what, not ride my own race???
P-lip- the first M-B-M vet to re-up - volunteer
Nils- another M-B-M vet and dumpster bike connoisseur
Zack- ZR Cycles honcho and not afraid to pee in a cup...or elsewhere
D*pow- the rocket of snot with the spin to win- volunteer
Cale- TI vet and keeper of Bush's crankset. beware!
Jonny- Jonnycycles mastermind, mainframe resident
J*Pow- our 1st womens entry! YES!!! it's no longer a brodeo!
Kelly- the brains behind Cognition (sorry Lylez) volunteer
Robin- bass thumpin, picture takin and cx racin'!- volunteer
Katy- another MKE entrant and third in the ever growing womens field
Andy T.- Cale knows him, Lyle knows him, soon we'll all know him
Colin- LOL Master, burrito lover - volunteer
Andrew- like a taxi driver from HELL!!!-volunteer

Ronko- another M-B-M vet joins up
Frank- says yes to the H8TR again despite its redundant T

Chris T.- yet another M-B-M vet who said "hell yeah! I want to suffer more!"
Erik O.- repeat M-B-M offender opts for 2nd strike in the 3 and out policy
Jeff K.- another cross racer bringin' the hurt!
Ben V.- Team Pegasus is starting to represent big time!
Constantine - fixedgeargus might not be fixed
Aristotle - bigger than you
Fang!!!- yeah we got another BKB boy all up in this biz-natch!!
Scott S. (tentative)- BKB thru and thru and tentative as a flying hammer!

Shari P.- 1st of a possible sister/sister combo
Eric B.- Nebraska sends its 2nd rider and BKB rep. NE represent!
Russell J.- his toolshed may be rusty but the man is SHARP!
Ryan S (tentative).- WORS warrior and BKB vet
Kerry D- Kerry will be taking kickstands like scalps.
Christian B.- WORS vet and Mothership resident
Ben F.- a disco pirate AND he can walk on water! YarrRR!
Andrea W.- another disco pirate from the 24-9 camp! double Yarrrr!!
Sebastian C.-he's a friend of Christian- what's with the ian names???
Gunnar R.- another Pegasus rider- can winged horses really fly?
Jake M.- more pegasus horseys for the stable!

Matt B.- Matt feels the need to suffer. welcome to H8TRville Matt
Ben B.- Ben folds to peer pressure and joins the ranks!
Rick W.- Rick wants a table by the kitchen he gets a chair by the mens room
Scott C.- a WORS/CX vet for who suffering can never start early enough
Mark C.- Mark C. joins Scott C. for the brother/brother Cole-train express!
Nate W.- NE sends another Evil Unicorn to the H8TR!
Michael M.- Welcome to H8TRville Michael.
War Axe Sam- damn! another bike builder, another NE resident!
good thing we've got Iowa inbetween NE and WI!
Tim B.- he breaks stuff a lot.

Seth H.- Seth has $5 just burning a hole in his pockets and wants to ride!
Chris Z.Chris fears no weather
Cheryl B.- ready for the challenge!
Ahren R.- Banjo Cycles chief and Mainframe resident #3!
Leah- She's been toChile and Argentina, you think the H8TR worries her? not likely!
Joel H.- Joel joins Sth as the third brother/brother combo for the H8TR!
Angie T.- Angie brings the H8T and lack of sanity up from Millywaukeee
Richard S.- Richard has anger issues with winter. we can help.
Jennifer- Jennifer jumps on the H8T train!
Patti- Patti buys a ticket for the H8TR Express too!
Sam K.- Sam enjoys pain. Sam this isn't that kind of site...or is it?....
Ruckus!- D-Rock, D-Train, Sparkles, even Derek. the man they call Ruckus has many names.
Cory- The M-B-M title defender gets back in the ring! Beware!!!
Justin- Justin thinks there no better way to waste an afternoon
Meghan- ThunderJet and MOTAB vet wants to expand her horizons
Aaron M.- CX titan and Fisherman bows to peer pressure
Don E.- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andy H.- fearing for his life, Andy risks his life on the H8TR Trail. Ronko says so!
Neil S. - Neil says he's in! I say bring small bills please!!!
Scot V.- Scot says H8T on!
Todd B.- It took some looking, some wandering but Todd finally found us
Alan S.- yup, he's here too.
Maciej N.- Yow! Team Polska brings it!
Marcin N.- And then Polska brings it even more!!
Joseph H.- Joseph makes it in under the wire!

Tim M.- Johnny Cash
Gretchen T.- June Carter Cash
Mark B- Mark waits patiently, Mark gets in!
Jamie P.- one more Pegasus pony for the stable!
Luke BC- LBC! LBC! LBC! that's what they chant
Wayne S.- Wausau sends another from 9 Mile country
Ron K- bribery is such an ugly word....


Anonymous SketchyD said...

stacked field here

2:38 PM  
Blogger lyle said...

Stacked indeed! This thing is out of control!

11:08 AM  

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