Saturday, December 26, 2009

misfortune cookies

fortunes come and fortunes go, but 24MOTAB is here for you always like a big black cloud of goodness. and tomorrow night (decembre 27th) is the last 24MOTAB of the year, so if doing 24MOTAB was on your list of things to do for '09 this is your last chance! or just come to see Jeff get shut out yet again for '09

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Elite

Last Sunday night our man Colin joined an elite circle of only three people who have won 24MOTAB 5 times (the other two being Dan "Danimal" Meyer and the Kitten Master). There had been a long dry spell for Colin after a flurry of '08 wins but he proved that the well wasn't dry with an impressive last second surge that made all the distance.

Here's Colin's play by play:
I'm still a little shocked about last night, it went something like this:
Lyle and I were rolling slow, talking about finding a way into the building when we got to the 2nd gate. As we were going around it Sketch Brah went under it, hauling ass, half joking I said "What does he know that we don't?" and just to mess with him I took off, thinking "There is no way the time is up, if anything it'll end right after we cross the line, then we'll have to fight it out for DFL, it will end badly for me."

So I'm pumping it, thinking DT and Lyle were hot on my ass, and I'm thinking I can't take either of them. When I hit the line I heard the beeping and looked for Dave to have just passed me at the line, only he wasn't there. I'm still pretty surprised by how the whole thing went down. Never would've expected it.

Well done sir well done!!!
Also in the mix was Sketchy Dave for the second place sucka and Sarah taking the DFL
(he must be doping. well he better be doping, this is 24MOTAB after all!)