Monday, August 28, 2006


Rounding out a full weekend of deviant bike behavior and hot on the heels of ThunderThreat, the birthday edition of 24MOTAB did not disappoint! Another large turn out made for one of the most spectacular free standing bike piles in 24MOTAB history (note of the use of the tandem buttress). Vee, as the gimp, was still able to climb brick mountain and start the race with the traditional beer slam (he also did one lap on the tandem and walked one as well- that's dedication!) The race field was also one the most tightly packed pellotons in recent memory creating bottlenecks at turns 2 and 3 thus necessitating the invention of new and mostly painful ways around those bottlenecks. Meghan picked up the ninja win in a mass finish with Robin gamely taking the sweat soaked 2nd place sucka jersey and shorts from J9son ("this is gross" said the new sucka). And the D-train was the D-F-L with a jersey that completed a look that screamed "trailer park", but whispered "you're just jealous". After the awards the birthday boy was given a group salute and I dunno but some of those fingers look pretty sincere... then the birthday cake was cut and consumed.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Elver Park. The disc golfers, the picnickers, the volleyball, the sledding hill, the insane, drunken downhill tiny bike riders, the- whoa! Back up there. What were those last two? Yep. It was Elver Park's turn to be the city park system bee-otch as it hosted the newest incarnation of ThunderJet, the ThunderThreat Dual Slalom! More than a few regular park denizens were scratching their collective heads as they watched two riders going head to head down a steep slalom course that can only be described as possibly dangerous, sadistically amusing, wickedly technical, totally effed up and incredible fun for all. Even as darkness fell, the competition went on with the ingenious innovation of bike light lit pylons. Over the course of 3 hours there were crashes, upsets, numerous close finishes and total blowouts, but in the end Lyle stood as tall as one can stand tall on a tiny bike. Congrats Lyle! Don't know how T-jet keeps getting better but it does. Plans are already being flung against the wall to see what sticks, so stick around.
as soon as the kittens can figure out Flickr, there'll be more pix posted. We'll let you know.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

rollin' the bones MOTAB style

Could swear I felt a little fall in the air these last few days, so what better way to usher in autumn and say see ya to summer than kickboxing skullheads and the August edition of 24MOTAB? 8:00 Sunday the 27th. same place as always. and don't forget ThunderThreat on Saturday!
see below for details. some fees may apply. employees or relatives of kittenfactory, 24MOTAB or ThunderJet are not eligible. a 7% sales tax will be applied to New Jersey residents. must have valid identification and/or good forgery. cake provided.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

be there!

thanks jesse! yarrrrrr!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Monday, August 14, 2006


HA! A short vacation and now there's bikin' afoot! And what better way to start a weekend full action than with tiny bikes? Yes it's the return of the ThunderJet series! August 26th Saturday it's...THUNDER SLALOM! Dear god, dual suspension, free ridin', huckin', downhill tiny bikes!!! The flyer has the info and then go to planethayden for all you need to understand the phenomenom that is...THUNDERJET
And ThunderJet is only the tip of the iceberg as Sunday the 27th brings another 24MOTAB and not just any 24MOTAB, but your humble kittenmaster's Birthday MOTAB. Last year there was cake, this year, who knows? Something is possibly in the planning stages for Friday evening too so keep your engagement book open and get out the shinguards...maybe. more info as we make it up.

Monday, August 07, 2006

It's been a little slow around the factory lately so the kittens are going on vacation for some fixed gear mayhem up in Michigan. But once they get back get ready for some local bike mayhem toward the end of August.