Monday, May 29, 2006

24MOTAB MayMemorialMash Up!!!

This one had almost everything. Explosives, blood, mosquitoes, a fast course...DANG! Lots of new faces tonight and all bent on riding for the prize- big ups! Tonight brought the introduction of the 24 minute fuse timer and it did not disappoint! Phil and Megan's trip to Illegal Fireworks World provided the perfect end as the "City Crusher" let loose with 25 shots of sulfuric/cordite wonder! But we're getting ahead of ourselves- an extremely precarious bike pile was built needing a series of weights and counter weights, checks, balances and flying buttresses to keep it upright, then the beer was slammed, the fuse was lit and it was on!!! Christopher managed to spill blood (oddly not from his head which hit the gate on turn 3 several times), the sketchy ramp was solid, the Madison Bike Club represented, but in the end as daylight faded and the rockets took off, Lyle held off an aggressive last second attack by Vee for the win. Vee assumed second place with a grace bordering on disgruntled and first timer Heather was the last timer as DFL. Congrats(?) Heather! Lyle took a victory lap and the podium presentation followed. One for the books. Thanks for coming out. See y'all next month. TRACKS Alley Cat next Sunday at the High Noon kicks off a June fulla bicycle goodness. pic coming soon.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

24MOTAB trophy time!!!

This Sunday, 8:00, behind the Garver Seed Warehouse (behind Olbrich Gardens), it's 24MOTAB and a chance to win a piece of metal mayhem! See ya there!
ps- don't ride anything you love.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

fixie pix

maybe you've seen 'em before, but just for the hell of it, go here for some old school fixie pix.

Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee

After several failed attempts to post the actual flyer for FTTM I'm going to say screw it and just give the where and when:
Starts at 10:00am (registration at 9:00)Saturday June 10th @ Lake Drive Pub and Grill (exit I-94 @ Layton- can't be done from I-894- and go east 4 miles to Lake Drive Pub, park in the Sheridan Park parking lot across the street).
FTTM is basically a 30 mile pub crawl which tours bars and breweries in Milwaukee. Has been a good time in the past. You can register and get a t-shirt and bottle opener I believe ($25?) or just ghostride it.

Monday, May 22, 2006

May MOTAB Mania!!!

that's right it's the last Sunday of the month this week and that means 24MOTAB time (24 Minutes Of The Abandoned Building)! So once again, same place: Garver Seed warehouse behind Olbrich Gardens, same time: 8:00 post time. first place trophy awarded, second place sucka travelling jersy and umm, errr..shorts and the always coveted travelling DFL jersey. Bike pile LeMans start, 24 minutes o' ridin'! REPRESENT!!!
kittens still bein' dumb, a flyer will follow....dumb, dumb kittens...

alley cat event event event!!!

this in from dactyl on the alley cat tip:

event event event!

alleycat race on the 4th of june.
meets up at the high noon saloon at 5pm.
bike games are first -->--> whoever does thunderjets -- i have a wonderful idea and we can do it in the high noon parking lot. put
me in touch. <--<--

then the race. 2 hours. as many stops as you can make.
party afterward. free brats/beer.

thanks dactyl!
the kittens are being dumb and won't let me load the flyer at the moment so I'll try again later-djmac

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

future bike events posting

I'm hearing that peeps would like to post upcoming bike events on kittenfactory. Right on! so I guess the thing to do is contact me at , send your event posting and I'll paste it up on kitten. or at least try to. sometimes this whole blog thing irritates the fuck out of me. anyway the more biking events in and around Madison, the more chances to ride with like minded devients such as our own bad selves.
I'm trying to get the lowdown on the Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee which is coming up on June 10th, so look for more info soon.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Full Moon Ride Revision!!!

check the dates. things have's Dano

I MESSED IT ALL UP... SORT OF. It’s a story you don’t want to hear. What it
comes down to is the full moon ride was scheduled on a 2005 calendar and is
actually suppose to be on the 12TH OF MAY. I am extremely sorry for the mix up.
You can all tar and feather me after I go to AOM III MFA show opening on the
13th (7-9 at the 7th floor gallery in the UW-Madison Humanities Building).


it's okay Dano, we still luv u

Friday, May 05, 2006

full moon ride!

werd from the desk of Daniel D. Meyer (known to the rest of us as Dano):
The full moon rides are back. On May 13th at 8:00 (yes Pm) we will leave the
Trek Bicycle Store parking lot and ride to Riley Tavern. We shall ride at a
casual pace and make stops at historic full moon ride rest areas-smoke if you got
um. Once at the tavern we shall consume Beer- not to say beer will not be
consumed before reaching the tavern. I suggest you bring a rear light and a real
shitty front light if the sky is clear.

Spread this message to good people

Monday, May 01, 2006

cappin' the MOTAB recap

April showers?!? HA!! Despite the all day rain there is an impressive turnout for the 24. A mixture of TAB regulars w/ Alley Cats and Thunderjetsetters from Saturday night's festivities (thanks fer comin' out y'all!). Dan started the race with extra style points on the beer chug (Dan, the Village People want their costumes back. I sent mine in this morning.)The course? Wet and sloppy with each turn offering its own flava: slippery mud on #1, Sansing pelting riders w/ gravel at #2, a bad pruning job on the vines reeled in a few on #3 (Vee was still dragging vines lodged in his rear wheel at the end of the night) and broken lightbulb glass everywhere on #4 (some jackass kids or vagrants or disgruntled farmer ghosts busted up a bunch of fluerescent light bulbs making the turn glitter like diamonds...very sharp very nasty diamonds), plus the usual sketchy impromptu ramp jump at the start/finish. All this kept the ride a challenge, but in the end Brian Krom-rowdy took the checkered, the masked pleather/disco eyesore (me) as 2nd place sucka and H-dizzo was Driscoll Fucking Last! FANTASTIC! P-lip took one for the home team, but was there in spirit. pix coming up. Next time it's gonna blow up big time and we got the fuse! Be there.