Monday, October 30, 2006


Beasties! Crossdressers! Cops! Species unknown! Scariest of all, a RECUMBENT bike!!! Aaaaaaaaa!!!!! All were there for the 2nd anniversary of consecutive 24MOTABs and the 100th anniversary of the abandoned building. Sacrificial blood from the alter of Carlo Rossi was drunk by a surley crew of misfits and the race was begun! Fast! Furious! Fearsome! Fangs!!! Jesse opened a portal to hell by riding the course backwards and screaming "DERBY!!!" at the top of his lungs. Phil rode like he was being chased by unholy exterminators despite his bloody stumps. Slight was the height of fashion in a stunning blue polka dot and crepe with hairy legs number. Vee and Amy kept a legal eye on the proceedings and never once had to resort to using mace. The abandoned building maintained its ominous presense throughout. Heidi and Eric took a household clean-up of 1st place and second place sucka and some jackass dressed like a blue furry catalytic convertor wore the orange safety vest of shame as the DFL! After all this evil and bloodletting all the demons cleaned up their alter and packed up their trash. And laying a finger aside of their noses screamed "Happy Halloween to all and we'll see you in HELL!!!!!!!"

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fever Dream

angry looking satanic barnyard animals and fencing implements walk among us for the 2nd anniversary Helloween special 24MOTAB trophy. see the flyer below for all the gory details.

and don't forget Saturday's Scaredy Cat (flyer below or go to for all the info)

Ghouls Night Out!

creepyfriendly knows what time it is...

Monday, October 23, 2006

24 MONTHS of 24MOTAB!!!

That's right! This Sunday marks the 2nd anniversary of nonstop 24MOTAB!!! What's more it's Halloween weekend! There'll be BLOOD!!! There'll be COSTUMES (strongly encouraged) and there'll be BEETS!!! Dactyl went into research mode and found out Garver was originally opened as a sugar beet warehouse in OCTOBER of 1906 meaning it's the 100th anniversary of the abandoned building!!! DAMN!!! Now yer scared... an extra Satanic trophy is in the offing too (pics coming up). Sunday Oct 29th 8:00 be there! And don't forget- the Scaredy Cat alley cat is this Saturday night!!! See flyer below for details or go to for more info.

disclaimer: neither kitten factory, it's affiliates, employees or family members practice nor condone Satanic worship. ritual sacrifice however is just dandy. how's four o'clock sound for you? perfect! we'll pencil you in.....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bi-Thundathlon pt 2 !!!

Thundathlon! Oh you get the idea- tiny bikes, BB guns,,destroyed outbuildings,
beer, but to say you had to be there is the tip of the ice cube. Lord Hayden, the D of P and gentleman farmer Phil brought together a ThunderJet that was once again unlike no other. Destruction, fire , rural drive-bys, a small nervous dog, wanton disreguard for personal safety and yet amazingly no one was shot, burned or injured otherwise (mostly- and this was all AFTER the Thundathlon!). The gauntlet? Slam a beer, ride the tiny bike (either the O.G. ThunderJet or newcomer The Turn 'N Burn)over a course that included dense prairie, a scarey abandoned house (scarey if you have a problem with racoon shit anyway) and derelict chicken coops, then dismount and cap a beer can with your BB gat! DPow came out the victor by only 6/10ths
of a second over Slight and then reigning champ Lyle. After that it was mayhem! Slight caught mad chicken coop air with the T 'n B, Phil and Charlie the dog did drive-bys in the pick up truck with future lawyer Vee dispensing his own brand of frontier justice from the back. DPow went Rambo, Hayden trashed Kenseth, the abandoned house lost some windows, the Green Machine went in the ditch and the gas can went up in the blaze it helped start! DAMN!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006


oh dear me....more to follow....once we get the yard cleaned up and the fire put out....and the smoke clears...and the dog comes down from the tree...and we get the pick axe outta the side of the house....

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The ingredients:
tiny bikes
BB guns
a farm setting

What the? The T-Jet series takes it on the road for a biathlon of epic proportions. A cross country race course involving tiny bikes and target shooting in a beautiful country setting. The possibilities for fun and personal injury are endless! It won't be easy to get to, but that's part of the challenge!
So far here are the facts:
when: Saturday, Oct 14th
time: 1 pm (that's one in the afternoon for the chronologically challenged).
where: this is where it gets tricky... Master Phil has provided the following directions:
From Madison: Take US-151 N / E WASHINGTON AVE. Continue to follow US-151 N. 22.2 miles
Take the WI-16 exit- EXIT 118- toward WI-60 / COLUMBUS / PORTAGE. 0.2 miles
Turn RIGHT onto WI-16 E / WI-60 E / W JAMES ST. Continue to follow WI-16 E / WI-60 E. 4.3 miles
Turn RIGHT onto CR-TT. 0.6 miles
Turn LEFT onto CR-T. 0.1 miles
Turn LEFT onto BASSETT ST. <0.1 miles
End at [n3400-n3499] Bassett St
Columbus, WI 53925, US

I'm the last driveway on the right hand side, N3492 Bassett St.
Bassett Street is under 1/4 mile long. On 16/60, you'll drive all the way through town and into the country and it'll seem like you've gone too far, then, there's the sign for CTY TT, that's your right turn.

clear? of course not! but for now... post the kittens if there are questions.