Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Secret Service!

Sorry this took so long but with all the FBI and CIA surveillance, the kittens weren't taking any chances, so without further delay: Another Memorial Day edition of 24MOTAB goes down with another good mix of familiar and new faces plus the return of a few prodigal MOTABers from the past. Nick in only his second MOTAB appearance claimed the first place cup of perpetual torment and promptly filled it with PBR. Eric "dirty money" seemed all too eager to put on the 2nd Place Sucka shorts, but not so much the 2nd place hoodie....hmmm. Lyle proved that there are really no losers at 24MOTAB, only DFLs and for his DFL finish he received the Presidential Award of Disappointment and Dishonour. For those not in attendance, you'll have to ask Lyle or myself what was in the box..... Before, during and after the race there was much hanging around and socializing proving once again that the abandoned building has become home.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stolen Bike Alert!

Zack of Zack's Cycles had his one of a kind hand built custom ZR Cycles track bike stolen from his apartment basement storage over the weekend here in Madison. Please, if you see this bike throw your bike lock on it and call Zack at 847-212-8347. Keep in mind this is the only one of its kind so there should be no mistaking it. Here are some of the particulars:
grey track bike
bianchi celeste fork
philwood hubs to mavic open pros
dura ace cranks

Friday, May 25, 2007

24MOTAB and the Holy Grail

This Sunday
The Abandoned Building

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May is an odd month, so much going on, the seasons are changing between spring and fall, the cheese is ripening in the dank heavy caves, small rodents run for public office and several indie bands threaten to take to the road pledging their utmost sincerity until the money starts rolling in and then it's all "fuck y'all" till November when we put out a new record and it's all the same again. At the Kitten Factory we work with machines everyday in an attempt to bring you some respite to the above mentioned tedious circle of delusion and sugar coated summer blockbusters. The machines don't always listen and sometimes have minds of their own, but the kittens and I never cease trying to bring order to chaos and chaos to order. Ya dig? So that brings us to 24MOTAB. Not this Sunday, but next Sunday, the 27th and remember the next day is National Shop At All The Stores Having Big Sales To Remember The Dead Day so who knows what might get planned with an extra day to recover.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


24MOTAB went all aero last Sunday with an invasion of the skin suits! Cory, Zack and J(4.5379)son were all suited and booted dragging the rest of the 30 (!) riders in a raging slipstreamed vortexed wind tunnel of MOTAB speed. A bike pile of epic proportions was erected with several peeps risking life and limb to keep the tower up. Sunday was a perfect spring night and with that the riders kept riding, enjoying the warm night air even after the alarm went off. But that perennial killjoy the Kitten Master noticed and claimed first place for his own with Amy Sue less than thrilled about claiming 2nd Place Sucka (what, the jersey and shorts sat out in the rain for the three previous days! that's as close to getting washed as they ever have!). Karsten proved he had less than it took by taking the DFL spot.