Wednesday, February 28, 2007

O'Malley Cat March 17th!

Perhaps It's Time To Start Worrying.....

Can it only be 11 days till the Mutant Time Trial?!!? Here's another creation from the CreatureBarn out near Columbus. Phil has managed to cobble a 76er (700c rear, 650c front) with rear suspension and duct tape damping. Terrified yet? Zack has his MuTT bike "curing" right now, but it's been road tested. Have heard some rumours of a Chicago entry too. Time to get bizzy.

Monday, February 26, 2007


While some watched the Oscars and others were snowbound in their homes, some heard the call of the wild and like a pack of mismatched, poorly trained, ill mannered sled dogs, headed for the abandoned building with tails wagging and tongues drooling. The previous two days of heavy snow and high winds left the course with only a quarter of it ride-able, so the rest was on foot or in Zack's case on all fours. Brick Mountain was scaled and the death zone was scoffed at by J6.2Son and Zack who rode it back down all freestylee. Yup, tonight 24MOTAB resembled a big, white padded room with the inmates running free. Well, running, walking, staggering, crawling, pushing, almost anything but riding this time. Two laps in there were only three to four real contenders still in the race (Lyle, Frank, Chris and the Kittenmaster) with the rest (Sketchy D, D-Rock, Holle, Niles, Zack and J4.8Son) left to build a "much larger" than life anthropomorphic fertility snow goddess and pelt the each other with snowballs. 4 laps were completed in all (that's a six minute average per) with Frank running it in for 1st place, the Kittenmaster slogging in for 2nd Place Sucka and Lyle, under protest, as the DFL. I still haven't heard what the controversy entailed. Lyle was also kind enough to personalize the snow (in cursive no less!). Bigfoot was also spotted, but Zack always seemed to miss seeing him...hmmmm.
Next month it'll be light at 8:00 again! Can spring be far off? Don't bet on it....

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Sunday! 8:00! The Abandoned Building!
Pre-ride: Mickey's! 6:30- 7-ish!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Hey baby, 24MOTAB's been watching you and 24MOTAB likes what it sees. 24MOTAB wants to get to know you better. How 'bout this Sunday, say a little after 8pm behind the abandoned building? We'll do a little drinkin' a little bike piling and a little riding. Sound good? You know it does....

disclaimer- though 24MOTAB prides itself on being thoughtful, attentive and free of STDs since 2004, it will not call you the next morning.

ante up

From the basement of MacLabs comes this addition to the MuTT (Mutant Time Trials see flyer below)- the latest in the Anger bike series, Anger jr. (adult trike rear end, main frame of a 16" T-Jet stylee kids bike and front wheel/fork from a kids trike. bullhorns? oh hell yes!!!). Been seeing, hearing and worrying about some of the bikes and designs people have been working on. This is gonna be something to behold! You've got until March 10th. So start bolting, welding, cutting and bleeding! YEAH!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007


Goddamn!!! As if coming alley cats and 24MOTABs and Spring Classics weren't enough, here's another way happenin' bike event to add to yer calendar of bicycle mayhem! Coming SOON! The MuTT (Mutant Bike Time Trial!!) Saturday March 10th 7:00 at Brittingham Park in Madison- once again the call goes out to tinkerers, welders, misfits, crackpots, infected hybridizers, bolters, gluers, enthusiasts of the cobble, dremelition artists, junk jockeys and wrenches of all sorts to to make a mutant bike out of whatever you have laying around or can scavenge off curbsides and dumpsters for the purposes of a riding a time trial course to fame and glory. Possible points for ingenuity, originality and potential danger to the rider are being considered. If you don't have the raw materials to make your own mutant, fear not we should have at least one bike available so you can take part in the TT. more details to follow.
once again big thanks to group commander Lalonde for the flyer

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Madison-Basco-Madison Spring Classic

it's on.
special thanks and massive big props to creepyfriendly/blakops/drill sargeant jesse for the flyer!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Madison-Basco-Madison Spring Classic

Coming soon! Saturday April 14th. A forty mile cross country abandoned railroad bed race in the tradition of the European spring classics from Madison to Basco and back to Madison. Details and a flyer coming up. Be prepared to suffer!

Friday, February 09, 2007

for a moment, remember

this from Dan
The only sign that the accident ever happened at all was some Sheriff’s line yellow tape in the snow by the side of the road. This is a cold, inhospitable place to be, and it seems like a pretty awful place to be left to die. But that’s what happened here a couple of nights ago, and standing here now, the word that comes to mind is ‘fringe.’

I didn’t know Dale Connors, but I’m sad that he died. He was killed in a hit and run accident earlier this week less than 2 miles from the Planet Bike office where Femrite Drive passes under Interstate 90. It’s a bad stretch of road to ride on a bike, and that’s just what Connors was doing Tuesday night at about 7:30. The Dane County Sheriff’s Department speculates that Connors was struck from behind as he pedaled east under the overpasses, was found lying in the road by another motorist, and later died from his injuries at the University of Wisconsin Hospital.

The case is still under investigation, but the Wisconsin State Journal has reported that speed and alcohol appear to be factors in the crash. The driver later turned herself in.

From what I’ve read, Connors was a free spirited, warm hearted fringe dweller. Some reports have listed him as, homeless. I’ve also read he lived out in the woods where he felt safe in a root cellar-type shanty. He was a former Oscar Meyer employee who got around by bike, and did not wear a helmet.

The area where he was hit was one of those fringe areas of our society, that “in-between” area at the edge of town populated by industrial parks, dark narrow roads and overgrown wooded areas. This is where Dale Connors existed, away from the entrapments of the city. A forgotten person, killed in a forgotten area. But he will not be forgotten by those who loved him. And I will not forget his death.

take care everybody, take care- the kittens

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mutant Bike Open Invitational Crit!

Hey there tinkerers, welders, misfit crackpots, infected hybridizers, bolters, gluers, enthusiasts of the cobble, dremelition artists, junk jockeys, those who see what's there in what's not- mark your calendars!!! Saturday, March 10th, the Mutant Bike Open Invitational Crit at Brittingham Park will commence! Above is an example of what young Phil came up with using just a dremel tool, a few bike parts, imagination and a lack of fear for losing a finger or two! So start dumpster diving, start scrounging and start building! More details as the date approaches!
Also coming soon!
The O'Malleycat alleycat, March 17th- Details and flyer soon!
The Madison-Basco-Madison Spring Classic! April 14th- Ruination Day! Details soon!

Monday, February 05, 2007


THUNDER ON ICE! In the shade of the Buddhist shrine and the shadow of the Abandoned Building, ThunderJet # 11: Thunder On Ice took place on Starkweather a.k.a. Drunkweather Creek in minus 5 degree temps! Eight worthy contestants took to the ice on studded 16 inch wheels of fury in a double elimination, head to head race that left fingers numb and Sailor Jerry empty! The Turn N' Burn carried the day, holding fast in the corners and tearing up the straightaways. Mayhem on the turnaround was the rule of the day leading to several crossed up exchanges between riders, crashes and laydowns. But in the end the T n' B took yours truly, the Kittenmaster to victory for the BKB in a hard fought race with D-Rock-Ruckus-Train-Sparkles. Zack, D*Pow, Katie, Lord Hayden, Sparkles, Sketchy Dave, Erik plus Jeff and Dad Olson all represented in fine Wisco form. Hikers, joggers and bikers crossing over the pedestrian bridge near the startline stared slackjawed at the proceedings.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

HIT and RUN!!! THUNDER ON ICE!!!!!!!

Grabbing your attention like a thief in the park, Lord Hayden has become impatient. So as if last Sunday's 24MOTAB freeze fest wasn't enough... get ready cuz tomorrow we're on the outside again. Yes it's time once again for THUNDERJET! THUNDER ON ICE!!!! Featuring two studded ice breakin' monster machines: the Turn n' Burn, a chrome plated, free stylin, 16 inch BMX bandit guarentied to melt the ice before it even hits the ice!!! And as if that weren't enough- the one and only, the original, the hardest working tiny bike in show business, ThunderJet returns fully mod'd out for ice by the one and only, the original, hardest working meat spinner in the bike bizness- Slight White! IT IS NOT TO BE NOT BE MISSED!!! Super Bowl? Whatever... This event will make you forget there ever was a Super Bowl Shuffle (not a bad thing to forget...).
ANYWAY, the particulars:
When: Sunday February 4th 1:00pm (plenty o' time to get yer "game" face on for the bowl game.

Where: Good question. Meeting in Erik's backyard somewhere off the bike path near the abandoned building. check for specific details. The kittens know where it is but don't know the address.
Where pt.2: if you can't find Erik's, go behind the abandoned building and keepgoing till you come to Starkweather Creek, listen for the sound of tiny bikes ripping through the ice. You'll be close.
Ill-conceived? Poorly organized? Badly timed? Cold as fuck? Well of course!!! Come on, what else are you going to be doing on a near sub zero day in early February in Wisco?!!? IT'S THUNDER ON ICE!!!!!