Wednesday, March 12, 2008

H8TR100:Rules of Engagement....

more or less and subject to change.....

When: Saturday April 12th

Time: 10:00am- rain, snow or shine, it's on!

What: 100k metric century (62 miles) round trip bike race paying homage the European spring classics.

Where: Leaving from a Madison city park (as yet to be determined and kept secret till a couple days before race time) and heading out the Badger State Trail a.k.a. the H8TR Trail.

Terrain: a mix of city streets alley cat style, highway crossings, unfinished/abandoned railroad bed and finished crushed gravel bike trail, train tunnel (a headlight is highly recommended)

Bikes: open catagory, pick yer poison- single speed, fixie, cross, road, mountain, tiny bike- as long it's pedaled under yer own power it's good.

Men's and Women's- 1st and 2nd place trophies plus induction into the Basco H8TRs. Other awards when they come along. Maybe we'll get some sponsors or prize donations. maybe.

Entry: $5 ( I dunno, we'll buy some beer or something)

Register ahead of time .at so we can get some sort of head count and so we can give you the location of the park start/finish. plus whatever questions you have.

The H8TR100 is a nonsanctioned, totally amateur (us, not you necessarily) event that could seriously threaten life and limb so we take no responsibility for injury or mayhem. Mayhem is cool!


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