Monday, January 26, 2009

Only the COLDEST survive

Single digits y'all!!! Out at the Kitten Factory the temps hovered in the sub-zero domain, but the trip into Mad City raised the temps up to a balmy 4 degrees above. You know winter's been hard when 4 degrees seems warm.....initially. Liquid courage was in order to get this MOTAB started so anti-freeze was applied at Mickeys before heading off to the meat locker. 7 took off from the bar and were soon joined by 2 more at the abandoned building for the first 24MOTAB of '09. The Kittenmaster climbed Brick Mountain without the aid of oxygen or Sherpas and successfully launched the race only to be caught in an avalanche while descending.

Gamely fighting the cold everyone rode as fingers, toes and faces froze. Sometime during the race Zack disappeared and was not seen again. A search party was sent out but no trace was ever found. Avalanche, hypothermia, the dreaded snow sharks? We may never know. Colin despite the loss of a comrade bravely pushed on beginning '09 as he ended '08 with a stunning victory. This makes 4 24MOTAB wins in the space of a year. The Anti-Doping Federation is now interested in Colin's further activities. My guess is that they won't be disappointed. The Kittenmaster took a distant 2nd place and former MOTAB golden boy Scotty Shapiro took the DFL spot.

It would be nice to think that it can only get warmer from here on in but those used to the fickleness of Wisco winters know that February could actually be worse. But we'll be there. No matter what.
what are we stupid or somethin'?
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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Damn right it is!!! There's been so much going on at the kittenfactory we've barely had time to think let alone remember stuff. But here's what you will want to remember- 24MOTAB this Sunday (Jan 25th) at 8:00 at the abandoned building! Remember drinks at Mickey's around 7-ish. Remember a change of socks! Remember to drink eight 32 ounce buckets of water every day! Remember there are forks in the road that will lead you astray- never take the roads! Remember nobody loves you like the kittenfactory loves you! Remember that concrete and cement are not the same things! Remember that M-B-M: Hell Of The South is on April 11th! Remember that just because it says "natural" doesn't mean they're not watching you! Remember that forgetting isn't the absence of light, it's the precursor to mono! Remember we're all in this together so don't get your hopes up. Remember, she's just not that into you. Remember to take a deep breath, it could always be your last. Remember to lock the door, switch off the lights and tip over your waitress. Thank you for throwing shoes, godzilla!

Friday, January 02, 2009

M-B-M: H.O.T.S.