Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May is an odd month, so much going on, the seasons are changing between spring and fall, the cheese is ripening in the dank heavy caves, small rodents run for public office and several indie bands threaten to take to the road pledging their utmost sincerity until the money starts rolling in and then it's all "fuck y'all" till November when we put out a new record and it's all the same again. At the Kitten Factory we work with machines everyday in an attempt to bring you some respite to the above mentioned tedious circle of delusion and sugar coated summer blockbusters. The machines don't always listen and sometimes have minds of their own, but the kittens and I never cease trying to bring order to chaos and chaos to order. Ya dig? So that brings us to 24MOTAB. Not this Sunday, but next Sunday, the 27th and remember the next day is National Shop At All The Stores Having Big Sales To Remember The Dead Day so who knows what might get planned with an extra day to recover.


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