Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Secret Service!

Sorry this took so long but with all the FBI and CIA surveillance, the kittens weren't taking any chances, so without further delay: Another Memorial Day edition of 24MOTAB goes down with another good mix of familiar and new faces plus the return of a few prodigal MOTABers from the past. Nick in only his second MOTAB appearance claimed the first place cup of perpetual torment and promptly filled it with PBR. Eric "dirty money" seemed all too eager to put on the 2nd Place Sucka shorts, but not so much the 2nd place hoodie....hmmm. Lyle proved that there are really no losers at 24MOTAB, only DFLs and for his DFL finish he received the Presidential Award of Disappointment and Dishonour. For those not in attendance, you'll have to ask Lyle or myself what was in the box..... Before, during and after the race there was much hanging around and socializing proving once again that the abandoned building has become home.


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