Tuesday, May 01, 2007


24MOTAB went all aero last Sunday with an invasion of the skin suits! Cory, Zack and J(4.5379)son were all suited and booted dragging the rest of the 30 (!) riders in a raging slipstreamed vortexed wind tunnel of MOTAB speed. A bike pile of epic proportions was erected with several peeps risking life and limb to keep the tower up. Sunday was a perfect spring night and with that the riders kept riding, enjoying the warm night air even after the alarm went off. But that perennial killjoy the Kitten Master noticed and claimed first place for his own with Amy Sue less than thrilled about claiming 2nd Place Sucka (what, the jersey and shorts sat out in the rain for the three previous days! that's as close to getting washed as they ever have!). Karsten proved he had less than it took by taking the DFL spot.


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