Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Distant Thunder.....

Not this one....
Not this one either
Here we go
No flyer yet, but come Friday August 24th, Lord Hayden shall return to the inland shores of southern Wisco and he's bringing the tiny bikes with him. After way too many months the ThunderJet series returns with a doubleheader of tiny bike fury! On Friday night it's ThunderJet:Pitfall! And I quote from Lord H. :
what has......
tiny bikes
lots of beer
scorpions (hopefully)
logs rolling atcha
rope swings
sand and mud pits
an awesome 16-bit soundtrack
that's right! It's ThunderJet:Pitfall an homage to one of the finest Atari games ever.

Personally, the kittens are terrified!
But that's not all!
On Sunday the 26th comes more tiny bike mayhem! YES! It's the unholy alliance they said could never happen! ThunderJet and 24MOTAB combine forces for...24ThunderTAB!!! In this non title event teams on 16" wheels of fury will slug it out relay style. We should have somewhere around five "operational" tiny bikes, but if you feel like bringing your own.....
More details on both events will follow as we make them up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds not only very dangerous but very irresponsible. I understand that alcohol is involved also! The only thing that could possibly be more dangerous would be to race these mini bike caricatures on a frozen creek, in below zero weather while drinking shots. Appalling! I also understand that this so called Lord Hayden is not only mentally unstable but has actually been one of only 3 human beings thrown out of the Crystal Corner.

10:15 PM  

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