Wednesday, August 22, 2007

another ThunderTAB pony in the stable

P-Lip has thrown his tiny bike into the mix with this thoroughbred of questionable parentage. P says this: Making it's first Thunder appearance, the 2007 TrekFloat has been waiting almost a year for this day. It's prestigious lineage of Lance Armstrong-era trickle-down technology and a rear wheel that assisted in the near deaths of at least 4 people at the MuntantBike Time Trial, this bike is the only bike in the peloton with a known lifetime warranty.
and who's lifetime would that be Philip?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

$10 says if you throw the float in the drunkweather creek it sinks to the fucking bottom.


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Anonymous John Burke said...


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Blogger Tim said...

Dear District 15 Residents,

This morning I received word that Agrium, the current owner of the Royster-Clark site on Cottage Grove Road, has an accepted offer. In essence, this means that Agrium has found someone who has agreed to purchase the property, provided that several issues have been resolved.

The purchaser is a local company that is interested in redeveloping the site as a mix-use project. I define a “mix-use” project as a development plan that has multiple kinds of activity: be it residential, commercial, retail and even industrial. Again, for this site, no specific plan has been created.

The developer has also hired other local companies that the City of Madison has had extensive positive interactions with in the past. This redevelopment team includes a community planner and an environmental group.

I have a meeting tomorrow with the redevelopment team and will provide you with more detailed information about who they are and their intentions for the site in another email.

In the meanwhile, I am very committed to the City Planning process that we have developed to date. City Planning staff is going ahead with the Market Analysis, area residents are continuing to refine the neighbor-to-neighbor survey, and the composition of the Royster-Clark Steering Committee is being finalized.

Please remember that this process will take a long time. It will not be until the end of the year before this new potential owner will take possession of the site, and still longer for the planning work to be completed so that construction can begin.

Please let me know if you have any questions and concerns. I will try to answer them tomorrow in a “Q&A” as I learn more from the developer. In addition, I will begin to plan a public meeting so that you will be able to learn more directly from the redevelopment team.

I can be reached at or 692.8416.

Thank you for your involvement with the City,


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Anonymous the kittens said...


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Blogger Vee said...


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