Saturday, February 03, 2007

HIT and RUN!!! THUNDER ON ICE!!!!!!!

Grabbing your attention like a thief in the park, Lord Hayden has become impatient. So as if last Sunday's 24MOTAB freeze fest wasn't enough... get ready cuz tomorrow we're on the outside again. Yes it's time once again for THUNDERJET! THUNDER ON ICE!!!! Featuring two studded ice breakin' monster machines: the Turn n' Burn, a chrome plated, free stylin, 16 inch BMX bandit guarentied to melt the ice before it even hits the ice!!! And as if that weren't enough- the one and only, the original, the hardest working tiny bike in show business, ThunderJet returns fully mod'd out for ice by the one and only, the original, hardest working meat spinner in the bike bizness- Slight White! IT IS NOT TO BE NOT BE MISSED!!! Super Bowl? Whatever... This event will make you forget there ever was a Super Bowl Shuffle (not a bad thing to forget...).
ANYWAY, the particulars:
When: Sunday February 4th 1:00pm (plenty o' time to get yer "game" face on for the bowl game.

Where: Good question. Meeting in Erik's backyard somewhere off the bike path near the abandoned building. check for specific details. The kittens know where it is but don't know the address.
Where pt.2: if you can't find Erik's, go behind the abandoned building and keepgoing till you come to Starkweather Creek, listen for the sound of tiny bikes ripping through the ice. You'll be close.
Ill-conceived? Poorly organized? Badly timed? Cold as fuck? Well of course!!! Come on, what else are you going to be doing on a near sub zero day in early February in Wisco?!!? IT'S THUNDER ON ICE!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the second year in a row y'all have scheduled a TJet on a Sunday afternoon for no better reason than to accommodate football bullshit. I hope somebody doesn't cut deep grooves into the ice tonight with a chainsaw...

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you hater. c'mere and let me give you a big meaty hug. d*pow

8:52 AM  

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