Monday, February 26, 2007


While some watched the Oscars and others were snowbound in their homes, some heard the call of the wild and like a pack of mismatched, poorly trained, ill mannered sled dogs, headed for the abandoned building with tails wagging and tongues drooling. The previous two days of heavy snow and high winds left the course with only a quarter of it ride-able, so the rest was on foot or in Zack's case on all fours. Brick Mountain was scaled and the death zone was scoffed at by J6.2Son and Zack who rode it back down all freestylee. Yup, tonight 24MOTAB resembled a big, white padded room with the inmates running free. Well, running, walking, staggering, crawling, pushing, almost anything but riding this time. Two laps in there were only three to four real contenders still in the race (Lyle, Frank, Chris and the Kittenmaster) with the rest (Sketchy D, D-Rock, Holle, Niles, Zack and J4.8Son) left to build a "much larger" than life anthropomorphic fertility snow goddess and pelt the each other with snowballs. 4 laps were completed in all (that's a six minute average per) with Frank running it in for 1st place, the Kittenmaster slogging in for 2nd Place Sucka and Lyle, under protest, as the DFL. I still haven't heard what the controversy entailed. Lyle was also kind enough to personalize the snow (in cursive no less!). Bigfoot was also spotted, but Zack always seemed to miss seeing him...hmmmm.
Next month it'll be light at 8:00 again! Can spring be far off? Don't bet on it....


Blogger lyle said...

At the time I only remembered doing 2 laps, but now I think it's coming back to me...

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