Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bi-Thundathlon pt 2 !!!

Thundathlon! Oh you get the idea- tiny bikes, BB guns,,destroyed outbuildings,
beer, but to say you had to be there is the tip of the ice cube. Lord Hayden, the D of P and gentleman farmer Phil brought together a ThunderJet that was once again unlike no other. Destruction, fire , rural drive-bys, a small nervous dog, wanton disreguard for personal safety and yet amazingly no one was shot, burned or injured otherwise (mostly- and this was all AFTER the Thundathlon!). The gauntlet? Slam a beer, ride the tiny bike (either the O.G. ThunderJet or newcomer The Turn 'N Burn)over a course that included dense prairie, a scarey abandoned house (scarey if you have a problem with racoon shit anyway) and derelict chicken coops, then dismount and cap a beer can with your BB gat! DPow came out the victor by only 6/10ths
of a second over Slight and then reigning champ Lyle. After that it was mayhem! Slight caught mad chicken coop air with the T 'n B, Phil and Charlie the dog did drive-bys in the pick up truck with future lawyer Vee dispensing his own brand of frontier justice from the back. DPow went Rambo, Hayden trashed Kenseth, the abandoned house lost some windows, the Green Machine went in the ditch and the gas can went up in the blaze it helped start! DAMN!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the winter will soon be upon us, and like all other events, thunder-apacolypse must be topped. so whats next, ThuderJets on Ice?

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Phil said...

I'm looking forward to my lawnmower picking up all the broken glass and sending it straight into nearby cars, passersby and my own ankles. Thanks to all for making the drive out - the event was awesome!!!

2:21 PM  
Anonymous the kittens said...

you might want to watch out for that screwdriver we were using to shotgun beers out in the lawn too....

3:37 PM  

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