Monday, October 30, 2006


Beasties! Crossdressers! Cops! Species unknown! Scariest of all, a RECUMBENT bike!!! Aaaaaaaaa!!!!! All were there for the 2nd anniversary of consecutive 24MOTABs and the 100th anniversary of the abandoned building. Sacrificial blood from the alter of Carlo Rossi was drunk by a surley crew of misfits and the race was begun! Fast! Furious! Fearsome! Fangs!!! Jesse opened a portal to hell by riding the course backwards and screaming "DERBY!!!" at the top of his lungs. Phil rode like he was being chased by unholy exterminators despite his bloody stumps. Slight was the height of fashion in a stunning blue polka dot and crepe with hairy legs number. Vee and Amy kept a legal eye on the proceedings and never once had to resort to using mace. The abandoned building maintained its ominous presense throughout. Heidi and Eric took a household clean-up of 1st place and second place sucka and some jackass dressed like a blue furry catalytic convertor wore the orange safety vest of shame as the DFL! After all this evil and bloodletting all the demons cleaned up their alter and packed up their trash. And laying a finger aside of their noses screamed "Happy Halloween to all and we'll see you in HELL!!!!!!!"


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