Monday, July 17, 2006

You want ACTION?!?!

This week has so much bike action stuffed into it they almost had to add another day! But instead it's all packed into four days of bike events guaranteed to test your nerve and ruin your liver.
FIRST!- Wednesday! It's the first running of the Tour de Franzia! Co-ed teams of 4 and 5 litre boxes of cheap wine!Mountain Blush!Fruity Red Sangria! Refreshing White! Go to the Madison Bicycle Club on myspace for details and sign-up by 5:30 pm Tuesday!
SECOND!- Revolution Cycles hijacks Thursday night for a Thirsty Thursday ride which ends up at Aeoleus Island. Contact Revo for where and when exactly.
NUMBER THREE= On Saturday, Revo's at it again with an eastside to westside crit starting at the eastside Pedro's and ending at the westside Laredo's.
FINALLY!- Sunday! It's the grand daddy of them all! Or maybe just the weird uncle. Yes it's time for another 24MOTAB! A week early to celebrate with the end of the Tour de France and salute the riders who failed the drug test! Basso! Ullrich! Hamilton! Heras! Count yourself among the elite! 8:00, behind Olbrich Gardens at the seed warehouse. Do it for France!
disclaimer: kittenfactory will not be held responsible for incorrect, overheard or bad information, outright fabrication, poor spelling or fleas. contact the naughty little kittens with corrections. UCI unapproved.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What time are we supposed to meet at Pedros on Saturday night???

12:44 PM  
Anonymous the kittens said...

7:00pm is race time. Call Jeff @ Rev at 608 244 0009 with any additional questions.

8:20 AM  

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