Sunday, July 16, 2006

ThunderCross Be Thy Name!

Cramming more action and thrills into a 2/10ths of a mile rollercoaster than Disney World or Six Flags could ever hope to in an entire theme park, Lord Hayden and DP delivered an epic, near legendary addition to the ThunderJet series...THUNDERCROSS! Pictures tell most of the story but these words must be added as well: the return of the skull bong!, a cyclocross course that included, a monster stairclimb, a 40 yard railroad bed sprint, a near vertical downhill, a trip through the woods and past an uninhabited homeless encampment, a knee deep crossing of sluggish Wingra Creek and a bike path sprint through the tunnel to the finish. Eric O. and Zack both turned in impressive minute fifteen rides, but Eric pulled out all the stops in a blazing minute ten tie breaker. In between there was blood, speedos, tiny bikes and beer! BOLD!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the only thing that kept this Thunderjet from being the best ever was the shortage of arm wrestling


12:09 PM  

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