Monday, May 01, 2006

cappin' the MOTAB recap

April showers?!? HA!! Despite the all day rain there is an impressive turnout for the 24. A mixture of TAB regulars w/ Alley Cats and Thunderjetsetters from Saturday night's festivities (thanks fer comin' out y'all!). Dan started the race with extra style points on the beer chug (Dan, the Village People want their costumes back. I sent mine in this morning.)The course? Wet and sloppy with each turn offering its own flava: slippery mud on #1, Sansing pelting riders w/ gravel at #2, a bad pruning job on the vines reeled in a few on #3 (Vee was still dragging vines lodged in his rear wheel at the end of the night) and broken lightbulb glass everywhere on #4 (some jackass kids or vagrants or disgruntled farmer ghosts busted up a bunch of fluerescent light bulbs making the turn glitter like diamonds...very sharp very nasty diamonds), plus the usual sketchy impromptu ramp jump at the start/finish. All this kept the ride a challenge, but in the end Brian Krom-rowdy took the checkered, the masked pleather/disco eyesore (me) as 2nd place sucka and H-dizzo was Driscoll Fucking Last! FANTASTIC! P-lip took one for the home team, but was there in spirit. pix coming up. Next time it's gonna blow up big time and we got the fuse! Be there.


Blogger Sheronda said...

Next month's "blow up" will change your world view, we can promise it...or it will be the most dissapointing thing to happen since the '04 election.

4:25 PM  
Blogger zigone said...

that wasn't sansing pelting people it was actually the great REVEREND 4 BANGER, sansings alter ego. you'll see more of him soon......

11:06 AM  

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