Monday, May 29, 2006

24MOTAB MayMemorialMash Up!!!

This one had almost everything. Explosives, blood, mosquitoes, a fast course...DANG! Lots of new faces tonight and all bent on riding for the prize- big ups! Tonight brought the introduction of the 24 minute fuse timer and it did not disappoint! Phil and Megan's trip to Illegal Fireworks World provided the perfect end as the "City Crusher" let loose with 25 shots of sulfuric/cordite wonder! But we're getting ahead of ourselves- an extremely precarious bike pile was built needing a series of weights and counter weights, checks, balances and flying buttresses to keep it upright, then the beer was slammed, the fuse was lit and it was on!!! Christopher managed to spill blood (oddly not from his head which hit the gate on turn 3 several times), the sketchy ramp was solid, the Madison Bike Club represented, but in the end as daylight faded and the rockets took off, Lyle held off an aggressive last second attack by Vee for the win. Vee assumed second place with a grace bordering on disgruntled and first timer Heather was the last timer as DFL. Congrats(?) Heather! Lyle took a victory lap and the podium presentation followed. One for the books. Thanks for coming out. See y'all next month. TRACKS Alley Cat next Sunday at the High Noon kicks off a June fulla bicycle goodness. pic coming soon.


Blogger Kajo said...

The DFL was Heather.

PS - She wants to know if she can give something back to the event and wash the jersey or if that is taboo.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous djonnymac said...

Hey Kajo, thanks for the DFL update. Tell Heather if she reeeeeeally wants to wash the DFL it's okay. summer's coming and it could get kinda whiffy...

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn. I actually wanted to wear it exactly as-is for the entire month...

Had an awesome time, by the way. =) Thanks!!


9:40 PM  

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