Monday, March 26, 2007


DAMN! What a difference a month makes! Last month, a foot of snow and four laps completed total. This month, shorts, shirtsleeves and so many laps done we thought the clock was broken. The great wall of mulch bags has returned and that can only be a sure sign of long term warmer weather. The wondrous stank of rotting mulch will be following shortly. An outhouse also made a mysterious appearance. hmmm... To the race! P-lip after a lengthy 2 month absence makes up for it by taking the win. Proving that nice guys always finish second (again and again and again...) last month's 2nd Place Sucka (me) was bride's maid again. Meanwhile Chris proved that showing up late has its drawbacks by taking DFL honours without having time to finish one complete lap! And Stefan Downing continued his astounding and now surely insurmountable streak as Perpetual No Show. Patrick constructed this month's sketchy ramp out of scrap lumber and mulch bags. Thanks to Phil, Holle and Lyle for additional photos!
Coming up soon:
To Hell In A Bike Basket Alley Cat 4/07/07 Madison
The Madison-Basco-Madison Spring Classic 4/14/07


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