Monday, August 14, 2006


HA! A short vacation and now there's bikin' afoot! And what better way to start a weekend full action than with tiny bikes? Yes it's the return of the ThunderJet series! August 26th Saturday it's...THUNDER SLALOM! Dear god, dual suspension, free ridin', huckin', downhill tiny bikes!!! The flyer has the info and then go to planethayden for all you need to understand the phenomenom that is...THUNDERJET
And ThunderJet is only the tip of the iceberg as Sunday the 27th brings another 24MOTAB and not just any 24MOTAB, but your humble kittenmaster's Birthday MOTAB. Last year there was cake, this year, who knows? Something is possibly in the planning stages for Friday evening too so keep your engagement book open and get out the shinguards...maybe. more info as we make it up.


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