Monday, February 25, 2008


Forget the IceCapades, forget the NHL, forget that SUV sliding sideways into your lane- we've got BIKES ON ICE! While Oscars were getting handed out Sunday night we were handing out cross checks, body slams, dirty snowcones and beer flavoured Italian Ices of the two wheeled variety. Sunday evening started early with there and back Pugsly vs. Pugsly races out on the desolate ice of Lake Mendota. Revolution Jeff set up a beer lined corridor of death which only the big bikes could take on with any sort of forward momentum. Thanks to Vee and Craig for letting us bust drifts with the dualing Pugs. Next it was over to the skating pond at Tenney Park for figure eight ice crits. Hockey players and figure skaters gave a wide berth to the ice H8TRS. The ever prepared Scotty Shapiro even donned the breezers and skates for the occassion. Eric O. had a much appreciated backyard fire waiting for us at his place before we headed to the killing fields of the abandoned building. Thanks Eric. The abandoned building brought all the elements encountered earlier in the evening with an ice, snow and slush cocktail leaving riders splayed on the ice, sitting on the sidelines or just letting it fly. Did we say Scotty S. was prepared? Oh yes! For his first 24MOTAB ever Scotty brought home the hardware. Robin just missed the first but got some MSC love for being Second Place Sucka. And I just missed first by passing the finishline a few seconds before the alarm went off thus letting me add yet another DFL to my record. Y'alls goona need to do a lotta losin' to catch me now! Thanks to all for a great evening and staving off cabin fever and winter madness. Next month we'll be in daylight again! Word.
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