Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The 24 Minutes Of FOGHAT!!!

Yes it's another themed 24MOTAB and this one is especially evil. It's the 24 Minutes Of Foghat! A 1970s Mullet version of musical chairs except when the music ends whoever crosses the finish line will win. Yup, 24 minutes of the song Slow Ride, a song I fondly remember getting the shit kicked out of me to as a rural Iowa town's only punk rocker (this was 1976 so when I say only punk I mean probably within a 60 mile radius). Anyway, hate the song, hate the band, hate nostalgia in general, but this seemed too wonderfully perverse to pass up. Be thankful we didn't go with the original idea of the 24 Hours of Foghat. BUT here's the catch, in order to make this work with integral members' schedules etc., this grand event will take place on Sunday ROCK-TOBER 7th! There will still be a regular late Rock-tober MOTAB (3rd anniversary of consecutive, uninterupted MOTABs! plus Halloween!), we're just moving September's back a week. It's the 70s so do whatever accordingly and I believe player/haters would be en vogue and of course, plenty of denim. RAWK!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are a beautiful man.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous the kittens said...

Rev. 4Banger!!! How it goes? Every once in a while we'll hear a coyote howl out on the plains near the kitten factory and we'll think of y'all out in Montucky (the land that time forgot intentionally). wish you were here for this one.

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy cats. what do i need to do to prepare?

10:53 AM  

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