Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Sorry to be so late on this MOTAB recap; things have been crazy mad bizzy 'round the Kitten Factory lately (does this sound too much like a Jim Anchower piece?). But what can I say other than Rock-tober began with a BANG! Dudes and dudettes all converged at the abandoned building for a race that could only RAWK!!! Patrick even made the big commute from Colorado for this one (okay made not just for this, but we like to think so). The play button was pushed and the 24 Minutes Of Foghat aka SlowTAB took off like a Gran Turino with a quadraphonic eight track player, volume cranked and one song stuck on repeat. Again I say RAWK! Fortunately for my sanity alone Jeff brought another boombox strapped to his bike playing punk rock as an antidote to the soundtrack from hell. Slow Ride played on and on and on...and on but then somewhere around the third time through and just before the bitchin' guitar solo, Black Flag crashed the party with Wasted for a surprise sub one minute crit race which had Cory and Robin duking it out. Not too long after that the endless game of musical chairs (and bikes) ended with Zack crossing the finish line to claim the chrome throne of Rawkness. In what seemingly was yet another 24MOTAB first, Olive the dog was the first non human winner of the 2nd Place Sucka jersey! Back on the human front Ryan came from behind to stay behind and take the DFL (sorry about there being no jersey Ryan. it looked better on the dog.) RAWK!!!


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