Thursday, November 08, 2007


Washington Park24MOTAB 131
Finally! The kittens have finally sobered up, been released on bail pending trial and wiped the pepper spray from their eyes after another Madison Halloween weekend. Sorry about the delay in recapping 24MOTAB but the kittens have been busy racing and sleeping and avoiding the factory altogether. So finally after several threats with the push broom they've gotten together a report.
Quite a Halloween weekend indeed as the turnout for the 3rd anniversary of continuous 24MOTABs was somewhat sparse and ended up being more like a slow group ride around the abandoned building, staying about the tempo of the rock steady reggae coming out of Revo Jeff's boombox. There were occasional surges (especially from Andy who was kickin' the double decker tall bike and riding like a man processed!), but for the most part pretty low key and relaxed. Number Nine (4.1659 to his friends) came away with his first MOTAB victory after several near misses. Well done! Holle D. wrestled the 2nd Place Sucka jersey away from last month's Sucka, Olive the dog, while Olive herself seemed content to rest on her laurels for a DFL finish. Kelly and Evil Kelly were often hard to tell apart. Fortunately facial hair provided the tip off as to who was who. Everyone rode around Robin for obvious reasons. Next month, which is actually this month another 24MOTAB will begin the fourth year and a return to the dark, cold winter season. Get out them studded tires y'all! This will be epic!
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