Thursday, December 27, 2007

24MOTAB Last Sunday of the year!

Yes! That's right! For a limited time only take advantage of major year end savings at 24MOTAB! HURRY! This is a once a year event! That being the last Sunday of the year! But wait! To make it even more special, more amazing and more spectacular, it's the last Sunday of 2007! THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!! Unless of course you happen to believe in string theories etc. in which case we'll see you next week or the week after that.... But in all seriousness, who will be the last MOTAB champion of 2007 (Dan Meyer will be making an appearance so who knows what might happen!)? Who will be the 'last '07 Second Place Sucka (after a looong absence, a certain SPS jersey will be making a return) and who will take the coveted DFL award? This will be a 24MOTAB that will be remembered for hours!!!!

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