Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I dunno know....where the hell have you been?!!?

Damn the computers, we're back! Nevermind all the whys and whats suffice to say the home version of the Kitten Factory has been a non union lockout. But with a little help from the blogscabs we're open fer biddness again!

So with that, there's reportin' to be done- namely the latest edition of 24MOTAB held last Sunday. A small but dedicated group of regulars showed up starting with warm up drinks at Mickeys and then a relaxed ride over to Garver for the festivities. A small bike pile was erected, the opening beer was slammed and the 24 minutes began ticking off. Lots of bike swappage this time; think I rode 4 different bikes. Holle became another select member of the 24MOTAB "three strikes, you're out" winners circle and took home the mystery cocktail shaker trophy (did you get that cap off yet?). Zack gamely wore the now dog flavoured 2nd place suckas jersey which he says will be soaking for a month solid in creme de menthe (watch those lighters next month folks or the jersey might sound like a dog too...WOOF!). And Cory got absolutely NOTHING for being DFL (sorry I'll work on getting a regular DFL jersey back into the rotation- who's got the antler shorts now?). Next month will have MOTAB falling on New Year's Eve eve (Jan 30th)so get ready to toss '07 out on its keester and welcome '08 a day early! more pix here


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