Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's All About Zack

Last Sunday's 24MOTAB was held at the tail end of what we're hoping is the last gasp of winter. The Kittenmaster's trophy had coffee written all over it and it seemed that Zack was almost predestined to win and the K-master told Zack so. A small-ish but rabid pack gathered at the local watering hole for a pre-race drank and then headed over to the abandoned building. Zack and Jess were already there and waiting. Just to make it all legal, his honour V.A. Powell climbed the mountain and poured one for his homies and then we were off. For a weekend that started off with snow and cold, Sunday night was about perfect for an early spring race. And as was preordained Zack took home the first place trophy. Kenny from Delavin was a close second and Nils won a special DFL that we can only hope is hanging in a place of honour. Ah, dogs and children......creepy.

Not only was Zack blazing the trail for a MOTAB win but he was also out on Saturday doing some H8TR trailblazing. Fast was the report before the snow fell and the tunnel looks to be getting even better. Still a little ice but for the most part it sounds like there'll be nothing but rubber and earth (plus pidgeons and a lot of darkness).

The Kittenmaster was busy with power tools making an armful of trophies for the MBM, plus running around getting other bits together for this epic throwdown. Others have been busy too getting bits together to make this edition extra special. Zack has made a trophy that will be a welcome edition to anyone's mantlepiece. Phil has been working on a couple items for some sibling rivalry and Jesse is at work on a secret project. Fear it. FEAR IT!!!


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