Sunday, March 01, 2009

Trail Conditions

Our good friend Brassnipples was out doing some trail recon a couple of days ago and came across this sacrifice to the gods of H8T making this the third year running that this kind of carnage has been spotted on the H8TR Trail. We take it as a good sign for the M-B-M: HOTS.

In other news, the missing piece for the DFL trophy was found this weekend in Iowa. It's gonna be sweet, but anyone still on the trail after dark will be left for dead so no sandbagging for last!

The process of selection for the remaining non veteran M-B-M spots on the roster is almost complete and those selected will be contacted in the next couple days along with those on the waiting list (sorry, the Kittenmaster got a finger stuck in the machinery at the Kitten Factory and has had to recouperate before drawing names- it's hard pulling names out of a hat with a bloody stump - warning: gross out factor possible).

More mayhen soon!
the kittens!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ain't no OSHA in no kitten factory! My swag pile has grown if that helps a brother with an entry. MP

4:31 PM  

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