Sunday, March 22, 2009

CSI: H8TRville

Today the Kittenmaster took a solo sprint from H8TRville to Madison and back on the H8TR Trail and can report that if conditions stay dry it'll be a fast course come race day. Aside from a few lingering patches of ice and some wet spots from melt drainage everything else is drying out. Waiting for a couple reports from peeps who went the distance today to see what things are like from H8TRville southward. The K-master remains optimistic that the never before raced offroad section of Seminole will remain rideable.

One thing that was noticed was that the snowbanks are bequeathing a few more dead things along the trail, The Kittenmaster found another deer carcass on the south side of McKenna Road maybe only two hundred yards from the one Brassnipples found on the north side. A link between the two? Further investigation is required. A fresh dead skunk was also spotted trailside just before Lacy Rd.

A few roadies were spotted here and there but aside from a phantom speck in the distance that the Kittenmaster chased from Hwy M toward town, no one else was seen on the H8TR. But there were a few fresh tire tracks here and there so no doubt somebody was out there spreading the H8T.

24MOTAB next Sunday with a muted promise of sunlight and warm weather. Get it!


Blogger ron k. said...

The tunnel only has ice for about 100 yards after that its rideable. The stuff along Seminole is rough, rough, rough.
H8 on!

7:24 AM  
Anonymous SketchyD said...

Ron.. Meghan! and I saw you Northbound as we pulled into the Citgo for a (ladies) bathroom break.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous the kittens said...

who was I chasing the whole way into town?

3:50 PM  

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