Monday, March 23, 2009

more H8TR reports

Sketch Brah Dave and Meghan did a ride on Sunday too and here is Dave's report:

well.. meghan! and I rode the h8tr from seminole to the tunnel. so with djonn's report combined with ours, one can get a complete idea of what is ahead. from the end of seminole to the "legit" start of the badger at purcell the trail is in primo condition. shotgun shells on wendt, and a fitchburg police speed-trapping people at M (he surprisingly said nothing to us as we came out of the field in front of him and crossed back onto the h8tr; i waved, he returned the greeting.. so i guess we have the blessing of the fitchburg PD.) the only remaining snow aside from the run-up to the exeter tunnel and the tunnel itself was on the stretch from purcell to the overpass at sayles trail. and it only really was patches, but the saturated trail is harder than it looks. from sayles to henry the h8tr is a speedway.. i can only imagine busting that at the 20+ mph we'll be seeing the front groups going. it is equally fast from henry to belle-vile, with some occasional sketchy places, but nothing too alarming. the only "whoa buddy" moments came south of belle-vile as some run-off channels crossing the trail were deep and placed close together to throw off ones rhythm. on the plus, northbound at the run-offs is easily hopped if you ride on the left side of the trail. as i mentioned, the lead up to the tunnel is wet and snow/icey, but maybe today's rains will clear all the snow up. the way back we hit up the belle-vile subway to split a 5 dolla footlong.. it saved the day.

Lemond Poprad, Michelin Mud 2 30's F + R ~ 50 psi.

also check Ronko's tunnel report in the comments section in the preceding post.

reports of on/off rain for the rest of the week. things could get interesting.


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