Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yes it's true- there are only two days remaining to register for the Madison-Basco-Madison Spring Classic: Hell O f The South! At midnight on Monday 23rd/Tuesday 24th registration will close and we will draw names to add to the already impressive list of M-B-M vets. Okay actually it'll probably close when the kittens wake up Tuesday morning (But that's early dammit!). Once names are drawn new comers will be notified as to their status. See previous posts for registration details and what this race is all about.

Yesterday Haterville got a fresh shellacking of snow (around 6 inches) but don't despair there's still a month and a half to go before the race so there's still plenty of time for more snow, more rain, more sun, more snow , more typical Wisco winter/spring transition. Vets from last year know that it can still happen on the day of the race so prep accordingly. As if......ahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!

On the logistical side, we have a park and shelter reserved and six able bodied volunteers to help out with the race, but lest you think that somehow this has become an organized, well oiled, precision timed machine, guess again! We'll do our best to to give you a hand but the there and back is pretty much up to you. So again, plan accordingly- there, have I frightened you sufficiently? Vets, you know of what I speak....or at least you think you do.... But again, more details later.

Alright, enough blather. More later soon,
the kittens


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