Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slow Jamzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ugh, apologies for the lateness of this update on last month's 24MOTAB- too much kitten fur lodged in the computer caused a meltdown in the circuitry leaving the kittens and I isolated in a netless wasteland of normalcy.....whut?

June 28th's 24MOTAB was really one of the best ever and for a few accidental reasons as well as the planned ones. First of course it was the 24SLOWJAMs edition and Nils did a great 24 minute mix of Barry White, Al Green, R. Kelly, Marvin Gaye, Peabo Bryson and a few others (30 freaks in 24 minutes as Nils put it), so a nice laid back, mellow funkbomb for a Sunday evening. About 30 people showed up so we had this amazing precision built 9 foot plus bike pile balancing precariously in the wind. It did topple before anyone could stop it and when it did it toppled into this perfect rainbow shaped accordion (was wondering how we'd disassemble it if it managed to stay upright till the race started- question answered).

What we didn't know was that the fireworks at Warner Park had been moved from Saturday evening to Sunday due to a rain threat so because of the Abandoned Building's proximity to the Dane County Airport we got flyovers by 2 squadrons of Air National Guard helicopters and a squad of 4 F-111 fighter jets on their way to buzz Warner Park and display patriotism through massive firepower (nothing says America like guns n bombs!!! YEE-HAAWWW!!!). Apparently three MOTAB riders mooned the helicopters as they passed. Well done! That's some quick thinking on behalf of the counterculture! Then to balance things out a flock of mallard ducks flewover as well. First time riders were impressed by our connections with the military and mother nature I'd wager! Cory brought back assorted large fireworks from a trip to Tennessee he'd made including a 90 round Roman candle that went for about four minutes straight. Good thing the police were busy elsewhere directing traffic. Add to all that perfect temps, no mosquitos and the fact that it was the summer soltice and you couldn't ask for better. On the way out rounding the far end of Garver a yearling deer darted out in front of me running toward Olbrich. Inner city deer? Right on!


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