Thursday, April 30, 2009

the big pile

and he who has the biggest pile of bikes...must be at 24MOTAB.
yes indeed the first real shorts and shirt sleeves weather of the year grew a tall stack of bikes for the April 09 edition of 24MOTAB. when was the last warm weather MOTAB? September of 08 maybe? just goes to show that the foolhardy are hardy fools to keep coming back month after month. a few puddles here and there at the abandoned building but otherwise good course conditions and good peeps to go with it. kinda nice to have some extra sunlight at the end of the day too. at the end of this day, Brett took the honours with his first recorded 24MOTAB victory and judging from the pictures he looked all the part of the champion. well done sir! unfortunately in what is becoming habitual sloppiness in record keeping, second place sucka and DFL weren't really kept track of. Oh the shame! we'll blame it on spring delirium. that's it, next month we need to start awarding stuff for second place and DFL again. I heard of at least two people who have DFL traveling jerseys in their pocession, so maybe those will return. the mosquitos will probably have returned by then too so expect a quick awards ceremony and then running for your lives. see you then!



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