Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Six Flags Over MOTAB

Sunday May 31st- After a short warm up at Mickey's, the usual core group of 24MOTABers made their way to the abandoned building. A warm pleasant evening with birds chirping, trees leafing and wheels turning. Perfect spring weather. And what goes along with perfect spring weather? A garage sale and that exactly what it looked like was happening at the abandoned building! Old office furniture, pallet racking, machete sized papercutters and .....a puppet show theatre (?) were just some of the items littering the grounds. Looks like they're doing some house cleaning inside. Uh-oh. But as the saying goes, "one person's garbage is another person's playground" and soon there were ramps and obstacles all over the place. And we needed 'em as the ranks swelled to well over 25 MOTABers! Hell we had an unprecidented two bike piles! Ain't never been done!!! A lot of new faces which is always nice to see, but the usual suspects were on the podium once again. Kelly added yet another first place trophy to the House of Cognition's always growing collection! And Lylez, the other half of the House of C took the other other end of things with DFL. And there in the middle was Zack with the 2nd Place Sucka spot. Much socializing, much riding and pilfering of garage sale items, before the mosquitos let us know that summer has indeed arrived. RUN FER YER LIVES!!!!
more pix here

Next month: The 24 Minutes of Slow Jams. Oh yeah...................


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