Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sketch Brah checks in

Sketchy Dave did another recon and here's the latest on course conditions. Go DNR!!!

Did another full recon to the tunnel, this time solo. The light rain/snow/frothy mix paired with the high winds made the "pre-purcell" trail from seminole to the gravel sector very ride-able and fast, there is almost a hint of a singletrack. South of Henry Rd in Bosco is a bit soft and eroded, not too bad, but don't eat with your hands off the bar. From there through Belle-vile is great. On my way to the tunnel (mile or two south of Belle-vile), the erosion channels that Adler nutted himself on were still present. The tunnel is do-able with a minor dismount at the ice sculpture, as the underground ice is still there and slippery. The way back I was encountered with flag straightening winds. There was a positive spin on this as luckily I watched a DNR service truck with a flatbed trailer full of gravel turn in front of me off one of the county highways and drive all the way to the erosion damaged spot and began to repair the trail. I stopped for a moment, chatted with the fellows, and went on my way. Apparently, the section of trail always gets wrecked and the Highway Dept, nor the farmer wants anything to do with properly draining the shoulder of the road (HWY 69) so the DNR has to fix the trail every hard rain. The headwinds continued and my PowerTap CPU went on the fritz, but nothing too major as far as conditions to report. This was my last recon before the Hate and if the weather stays mild, we'll be in for a fast one.

pictured up above is just a smidge of the H8TR Booty (mostly crappy home made trophies but there's imported Portland love in there too. more to come!


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