Monday, November 27, 2006


My brain refuses to kickstart with witty banter. Could be the last remains of the hangover from Saturday night's special edition of 24MOTAB. So a rundown of the evening events in no particular order: Eric and Heidi returned to defend their 1st and 2nd place finishes from last month but Lindsey took the double first place trophys supplied by Peter and my own damn self and continued a FOUR month female domination of MOTAB first place finishers! Eric and I traded 2nd Place Sucka and DFL positions with Eric gamely donning DFL bibs supplied by Peter once again, fresh from Seattle. Jesse rocked some home made disc wheels and proceeded to go into time trial mode as the race went on. SCAREY!!! Phil had an impressively graceful crash on turn two, Gregor also back from the coast showed up for his first MOTAB, Kelly did an impressive track stand/beer slam, Lyle represented the BKB (I think he's having problems letting go of CX season...), the weather was perfect, a big field of riders....NICE! NEXT MONTH!!!- Next month's 24MOTAB will be on December 31st! It's 8:00 as usual so plenty of time to go out afterward and bring in '07. But show up for MOTAB and say goodbye to a year's worth of '06 MOTABs. Bring fireworks, alcohol and whatever else you can think of.


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