Monday, September 25, 2006


Fall arrives with one of those perfect nights. A little cooler, a little darker a little earlier and a little smaller crowd than the summer MOTAB season. The smell of dead things, okay rotting mulch and whatever the hell else is in those mysterious piles behind the track, was thick in the air. The bike pile stood on its own without any propping and Dano did the honors once again starting the race from atop Brick Mountain. Not quite the all out competition of the previous two MOTABs, but there was still speed to spare and a crash or two (both from Vee- sure Vee it was the bike...). When the alarm clock sounded Amy Sue crossed the finishline securing the first victory ever for the Baldwin Street Posse with Vee threatening to sue for any bodily injury incurred while carrying home the trophy (Vee I'd have you talk to my lawyers but you're my lawyer so...). Dustin took the 2nd place sucka honors. And DFL Dactyl back for the first time since her run in with "The Crusher" re-enacted that ill-fated event for historical posterity. Sadly- AHEM- none of last month's award recipients returned with the travelling jerseys so 1st, 2nd and DFL this month went home quasi-empty handed. Sorry, but an almost empty can of Wasbi covered roasted peas does not a 2nd place Sucka make! The governing board is looking into the matter and disposable jerseys are being considered. October brings the Halloween/2nd anniversary current incarnation 24MOTAB with costumes encouraged. Next month it'll also be darker and colder. Then we'll see who the real MOTABbers are..........ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!


Anonymous Lyle said...

Son of a bitch! After issuing several "see you at MOTAB"s, and "yeah, I'll be there for sure"s I totally spaced off the fact that yesterday was the day. Never again.

Jersey holders should be required to return under penalty of dirty looks and/or stoning.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous the kittens said...

it's okay Lyle, but just remember that "never" is a long time. the Wasabi peas were pretty lame anyway. Next time though!

2:52 PM  
Anonymous kristydactyl said...

my bike costume is gonna be sweet if it doesn't get destroyed on saturday night :D

1:25 PM  

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