Wednesday, June 11, 2008

May Day May Day MOTAB!

a good 24MOTAB turnout for the first nice weather of the year. clear evening skies, not many mosquitoes and the air doesn't smell like rotting mulch...yet. Patrick returned to the fold after exile in the
Rocky mountains to slam the opening beer (Mountain Creek) atop Brick Mountain (beginning to see a pattern here?) and then we were off. Once again bikes were piled, ridden and swapped with careless aplomb capping off a perfect long Memorial Day weekend. Colin proved to be the top of the heap with a narrow first place finish over Katie who was adamant that she was going to win and was indeed sooo close . This month's trophy was last month's DFL prize, tetnus booster not included.

I think June is going to see a return of the traveling DFL jersey and maybe someday the 2nd Place Sucka ensemble will return too.

more pix here


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