Monday, April 28, 2008


As with the changing of the seasons, the landscape of the abandoned building had changed again from last month to this month. The beach head of 100s of bags of mulch were gone leaving only some dead grassy patches as evidence of their existence. Gone too were the last vestiges of snow although considering the low temps and the winds that were whipping around on Saturday it was kind of surprising that there weren't some flakes in the air. But no, Sunday calmed down and everything felt just about right for an early spring orbit of the bricks. there had been some yard work done on the backside of the building with some of the tall weeds mowed down and a lot of the vines pulled off the brick face. But what the bricks revealed spooked us a little. A scary mishapen monkey skull of mortar and brick? Oh abandoned building what else are you hiding?

But no damn monkey skull was going to be enough to keep us from riding! A small-ish turnout to be sure but still enough to create a teetering bike pile that Andrew almost took down with the last bike. The Kitten Master slammed a Blatz from atop Brick Mountain and they were off. A strange MOTAB followed; almost the 24 Minutes of Ambivalence. Things broke, bikes were swapped, beer was spilled (nothing out of the ordinary) but with a relaxed lowkeyedness. Almost like a slumbering black bear who has just woken up from hibernation- a little groggy, a little sleepy, a little hungry, but still holding the possibility of creating mayhem at a moments notice.

For his third appearance at 24MOTAB Scotty S. won his second first place (careful folks I see another Danimal-like dynasty starting). True to the nature of the proceedings nobody seemed to know who took second place (man, we're gettin' lazy!). Yet somehow the Kitten Master got saddled with yet another DFL! I'd say something about DFL dynasties but somehow..... As always a fine time riding in circles. Next month it has to be WARM


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