Monday, June 30, 2008

24MOTAB: the MO is for MOsquito!!!

Sadly the portatble DEET shower wasn't working for 24MOTAB last night as the skeeters were in full affect at the abandoned building. Friendly slaps to the face and back from those standing near you weren't uncommon. Least I think they were friendly... Andy, open hand, not closed fist.

Earl did the honours atop Brick Mountain and the race was on (next time
chug the beer Earl, don't sip. think I lost about half a pint of blood waiting). Robin got to play goodwill ambassador for MOTAB when someone working in the little train station office building at the front of the abandoned building expressed displeasure at the thought of a bunch of probable free thinking, up to no good I'm sure cyclists riding in circles around an abandoned building. Dear God NO!!! Next there'll be Democrats in the White House!!! But he didn't tell us to stop and no police were called so I'm thinking next month there'll probably be a cyclone fence put up and a guard sentry to keep out the n'er do-wells. HA!!!!

Megan took home first place honours and a heavy (possibly alcoholic- see pix) robotic piece of metal. Sketchy D. might feel a little fresher with his second place sucka prize (see pix again). And Zack in a hotly contested and hard fought trackstanding battle of wills with Earl took home the new and incredibly virginal DFL jersey (see..., yeah you get the idea). Zack has vowed to wear the jersey for every ride he goes on (and not wash) between now and next month's MOTAB and to "make the next DFL vomit" from the accumulated stench. Never has getting DFL seemed, so much like really losing.

And speaking of next month, next month's 24MOTAB will be the third annual 24DOPETAB salute to Le
Tour de France. So speak to your team physician, your personal trainer or that shady guy in the ally with the bags of blood about getting DQ'd now! Doesn't really matter cuz by race time y'all be DQ'd anyway! tre chic? oui oui!

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